13 Days Post Ablation

Since last Friday my HR has been fluctuating between 80 and 110 (normal for me is 50). I've been to A&E and been seen by cardiology team and have been assured it's not AF but tachycardia. A&E cardiologist told me take my bisoprolol every day and cardiology team prescribed Amiodarone 200mm once a day.

On leaving hospital, post ablation, was given Omeprazole. My question has anyone ever had any adverse reaction from Omeprazole?

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  • It didn't suit me it gave me stomach pains and cramps. I stopped taking it. My friend had the same issues with it.

  • Thank you. I haven't suffered any stomach pains or cramps but the GP has taken me off them.

  • Pretty normal, many folks have elevated HR after ablation. Had mine almost 4 weeks ago. First 2 weeks HR high 80 to low 90. Normal resting HR prior ablation 65-70. After 2 weeks it started going down, now on 75-82. You will see it will get better, cheers T.

  • Thanks Thomas. Fingers crossed.

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