Yearly EP visit yesterday

Went to see my EP yesterday, had an echocardiogram and an ECG before seeing him. Last year the result of my echo was mild to moderate valve leakage, this year it is classified as mild, he said the senior person did it and I don't have to have another for two years. ECG was ok so quite happy with that as well. I have had two AF episodes in the past year, one in November which lasted 44 hours and one last month which lasted 4 hours. He asked my how i felt about an ablation or pacemaker but we have decided to leave it for another year and see how things go and continue using Bisoprolol as PiP when needed and of course Apixaban. He is quite happy to keep me on his books so to see him in 12 months but if I get more AF episode that I can handle then ring his Secretary for an appointment. Thanks for all the help over the past 2 years, kind regards, Heather

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  • That sounds really positive, Heather and must have given you quite a lift. Very good news.

  • That is really good news.

    The trouble with echo is that things like regurgitation are rather subjective and what one operator sees as mild another may see slightly differently. I had two a couple of years apart and went from "trace" to "mild" but my EP says they are the same. Dr Gupta's video on explaining echocardiogram basically said that mild is normal and no worry.

    Keep up the good work.


  • That's encouraging news in all directions.

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