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A year post ablation - update

Hi All,,,,,, I haven't posted for a while - busy getting on with my life! However, it is now a year exactly since my ablation and I thought I would let people know how I have got on. In the end it took six months, in my case, until I really started to feel back to normal.... with monthly ectopics and occasional atrial tachycardia. I also had some afib runs in the first three months. These events have got shorter in length as time has gone on.... but I now try not to get overtired, or drink too much coffee.... and keep alcohol consumption to a small amount. No real problem, as I never drank much of either before. [Of course this is all personal to me.. so it is no guarantee that others will take so long or have to avoid stimulants!] However,... an interesting point. I complained to my lovely GP at the six month stage, as I was getting impatient with the ectopics.. and asked him how long it would take to recover altogether. He smiled and said.... 'a year to 18 months.'

'What... to recover from an ablation?' I queried. He smiled again and said...'No .... everything....' :}

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What a sensible GP! So glad you are feeling better and every day is great. For ectopics try the deep breathing exercise . I'm sure you will have read here about it. Slow your breathing down to six per minute and breath from your diaphragm not your shoulders. Continue for minimum five minutes, Works well for many of us.



I tried deep breathing when I am having skipped heart beats, but it just makes me dizzy and panicky...Should I be holding my breath after I take in a deep breath or just exhaling?



t is just a calming mechanism, so just concentrate on slowing your breathing down into an easy rhythm. My ectopics don't last any longer than a few seconds now.. so I don't panic any more. I find Pilates exercises really help. If you have a good instructor they will explain how to manage your breathing.....

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