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One week later

One week mark and just wanted to let everyone know how helpful this forum has been. Thankyou to everyone who has replied to my queries. I have had post procedure migraines and am now on high dose antacids because of possible damage to my oesophagus. So not a straightforward recovery. One episode of afib and one atrial tachycardia. Last night started deep breathing and relaxation which stopped the tachycardia. I am drinking honey and water. I am putting myself on the road to recovery and now plan to just get on with it. Thankyou all for your support and I wish you all good health.

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All sounds pretty standard Abfab so well done for not worrying. Deep breathing is great ! Hope you are still resting a lot but you are allowed to use the TV remote after a week but please don't over do things. Remember your heart will still be healing for the next three months so listen to your body and act accordingly.


Good for you Abfab59, I hope the recovery continues and you can pit your ablation experience behind you!



Yes Abfab, there are some wonderfully helpful people on here, some of whom have helped me a lot. What I find is also helping, is reading more and more about AF and gaining a better understanding of how variable it can be and also how people cope in different ways. Knowledge is power. I hope your health plan succeeds!


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