Will these weird beats ever subside??

Hey guys. A quick run down of myself and my condition. I suffered from svt and had a cardic ablation 6 weeks ago. Recently I've been having super weird beats and a little bit of chest pain. I have not been able to exercise moderately without getting lightheaded and having chest pain. Does anyone share a similar ablation story? Will I ever feel normal again... help!

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  • Your heart has to be unsettled for a while after an ablation but if you are getting some pain, it would be well worth getting it checked.

    I think we all wonder if we will ever be normal again and when normality does return, it can be all the sweeter for not having been there for a while.

  • oh i am looking forward to the sweet day when i'm normal again! I just have a hard time believing i've had this condition my entire life and could used to run 3-4 miles daily with no issues. This getting old thing really bites!!!

  • I had an ablation for SVT in November 2016. I also had weird beats and some mild chest pain on exercising. The pain has now stopped but I still get the odd feeling like my heart is going to kick off but it never actually does. At my follow up appointment I was told all this was quite normal. I hope that may be of some help to you!

  • Thank you for your response :-)

  • I would get it checked out and ease off of the exercising for now. You need to give that ablation 3 months minimum to scar heal otherwise you risk breaking the ring.

  • I am headed to my 6 week follow up appointment tomorrow and have written down all my concerns so i can get an answer for all of them :-)

  • Mine took 5 months to settle down. That was November 2013 and feel great since then. AF free.

  • awesome, thank you, iallym!!!!

  • I had an ablation for SVt in March 2016. I have not had SVT since but still do get ectopics that I deal with almost daily. It took a good 3 months for me to feel like I could exercise normally and function at 100%. Give it time. Watch what you eat and drink also to see if food sensitivity could be setting them off. I did find that gluten/wheat, aspartame, sucralose, chocolate, caffeine, alcohol are all triggers that will set off my heart on it's weird beat path.

  • thank you, needlestone. I do believe diet could definitely be triggering some of my strange beats! I have my follow up appointment tomorrow and have a whole laundry list of things to tell my EP. Thanks for the feedback :-)

  • YES. Those are the triggers. I found out that sucralose is bad when I had sugar free whip cream but contained sucralose. I learned my lesson after 3 bad experiences.

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