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drug changes

hi im new would like to know if you have had problems with your drug being changed im on bisoprolol fumarate 2.5 mg have been for 4 yrs after open heart surgery now have heart failure have to take losarton 25mg but i suffer side effects from lots of drugs was ok on these till i was given different drugs by chemist it seems like lucky dip they get what is there in the warehouse and cant keep a contingency with my tablets and i m suffering side effects because of this change even changed my chemist it is same procedure they don t know what will be sent either

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It's sometimes the adding of colours and fillers we suffer with. I now never get my script from a particular pharmacy, I shop around locally until I find the brand of beta blocker that suits me best.


I agree with what Slipware says re additives and fillers.

Fortunately my pharmacy now knows to order the brand I like and my GP writes the brand on my prescription, but when there was a shortage I took my prescription elsewhere after ringing around to see who had some. I even rang the company that make the drug and they told me about the shortage and when more would be released.



I've been on Bisoprolol since June 2015, and when I picked up my prescription last week I noticed the box was a different colour and the tablet was different. I wondered why the pharmacist couldn't just put a note in to say they're the same tablets , just a different brand. My Husband said not to worry as they've sometimes sent a different brand with his BP tablets. I've started on the new tablets today and i'm hoping they're going to suit me as well as the others, if not I will do what Jean does and shop around. (good thinking Jean)


I have had this problem now I get the doc to tick the no brand substitution box on the script it was a different brand of bisoprolol I had the problem with


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