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Just out after Ablation


Hi all just got out of an AF Ablation proceedure yesterday it took 3.00hours and was laid flat for approx. 4hours so was relieved when i could finally get up.

Out of hospital today and feeling a little weak and sorry for myself as i am experiencing some palpitations i was under the impression these would have gone?

Still it's early doors and i hope that the scar tissue just needs to harden before it's totally successfull.

Groin a little sore as all the sheaths were inserted there but all looks to be healing well down there.

I have a aching chest i think due to the ablation work and also have a little breathlessness when i move to quickly around the house.

Any comments i would appreciate it?

I will update tomorrow.


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Yes we go into this full of expectation and few people ever tell us the truth about what to expect. I fondly imagined I would be dancing out of the ward on no pills fully cured. What a T--t! It takes three to six months for the scar tissue to form blocking the rogue impulses and most people will get sessions of AF and tachycardia etc over the first few months. You will find that your resting heart rate is also higher than before but will gradually settled back over the next year. This is all quite normal so don't be worried by it please.

I worked out a simple rule of thumb that once the multicoloured swap shop which was my groin faded to grey then my heart was starting to recover. Call that about a month then.

Nothing you write is abnormal so just rest now for the next couple of weeks. (see my comments in your other post. )

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Thanks Bobd you have been a great help mate.


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You've made me laugh Bob, your description of our expectation after an ablation is spot on!


I had first and only ablation in November 2013. It took 5 months for arrhythmias and thumps to go away but in glorious NSR since. So chill, stay positive and take things slow and easy. Good luck 🍀

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Oh great news and hopefully i will have as good luck.

Thanks very encouraging news.

Fingers crossed.

Had mine almost 3 months ago. My EP told me anything that happens within first 3 months post procedure is just the heart healing (within reason of course...call if anything is very wrong). Heart is good except for the occasional PAF here and there, but nothing compared to what I was dealing with. Give yourself plenty of rest and time to heal. You've been through quite the ordeal and you need to take it very easy. Best of luck to you for a speedy recovery.

Hi had my ablation on Friday at barts ,that's exactly how I'm feeling too ,around heart chest area very sore where they went down my throat with probe looking for clots behind my heart none found pleased to say ,groin area very bruised but no pain ,feeling more out of breath than ever but hopefully all will settle ,love this site it is so reassuring ,brenda

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Hi Brenda

yes the site is really good i got lots of encouragement and support from family and friends but nothing compared to people who have experienced this.

The camera yes absolutely terrible i only managed it for a few seconds but long enough for the pictures they needed and too i was clot free.

I do feel better in myself today and I'm sure this is because of the support and encouraging words from the group.

Breathlessness is an issue to me too at the moment but I'm sure this is just a short term effect of the proceedure.

I am watching a great deal of TV at the moment but it's not in my nature to sit but i will certainly try as i want the outcome to be a good one with long term benefits.

Please feel free to contact me if you want to talk about anything AF related of course maybe we can help each other too.

Good luck with your recovery and the biggest piece of advice I've been given up to press is relax for the next few weeks.


I had my ablation Saturday and like you have had a quite few bumps, racing and wobbles and the brusing is very tender. Bob in this group was really reassuring and basically told me what the heart rhythm nurse has just done that it's normal during the blanking period. I feel more relaxed if a little tearful today but again the nurse said it's natural to feel like this afterwards. Good luck xxx

Yeah being a bloke you don't want to admit to the feeling but yeah I'm having em

We just need to keep our chins up.

Off to my youngest daughter's college parents evening tonight so that will certainly have my mind on other things 🤔

Be patient rest and take care of yourself. Everything you described is very normal. First week after ablation can be pretty rough. I was short of breath for quite a while. Also had problems with flecainide increasing that shortness of breath. Did much better when getting off that. I hope your ablation is successful but will take 3 to 6 months before you know. I had an ablation in Nov. 2016 and continued to have irregularities in my heart rate and rhythm for about 3 months. Try not to stress, let your heart heal, rest, rest and more rest.

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Thanks for the reply i will take all the advice.

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