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Electro cardioversion cancelled at the last minute, I am so upset

I am absolutely gutted. I was due to have an electro cardioversion today and it was cancelled because my ECG showed that my heart though irregular wasn't in afib. I tried to tell them that it keeps going into afib and flicking back into an almost sinus rhythm every hour or so. I did in fact mention this to my consultant the last time I saw him 2 weeks ago and he still wanted me to have the cardioversion. I am really upset because I had hoped it would put me right and I would come off the beta blockers and warfarin. Now I don't know what will happen. I have been told to stay on all of my medication and an appointment has been made for me to see my consultant in 6 weeks time.. Any thoughts from anyone who has been in a similar situation would be appreciated at the minute. Thank you

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Please don't think that even if it had happened and worked you could come of the drugs. It is highly likely that you would stay on them for sometime, especially the warfarin as you really don't want to add stroke to your problems. Cardioversion is not a cure for AF merely a way to put you back into NSR . Sometimes it works but often doesn't. I had three cardioversions at different times during my treatment and they all worked for a time but I never stopped the drugs.

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I had my first cardioversion arranged a number of years ago and like you was in NSR on the day, so was just sent home. At the time I was Paroxysmal AF. Now permanent AF and had 2 cardioversions earlier this year. First one didn't work. Second one in NSR for about a minute then reverted back to AF. Also felt completely washed out for about a week after the second one. Still on warfarin etc which is a small price to pay to avoid another TIA or worse still, a full blown stroke. I've been on warfarin for 13 years and it's just part of life now, although it took a bit of getting used to the routine. Walter.


Thank you for your replies. I don't feel so bad today. I have accepted it. Oh the joys of having AF. I think the problem is that no two people have the same symptoms or experiences. This forum definitely helps though, to just get things off your chest. Thanks again for taking the time to answer.



I agree with Bob, I have had numerous cardio versions and all of them only worked for a short time and I was never taken off the drugs. Its a bummer and as you said we are all different. Good luck with it all



I agree with the above , cardiversion is not a cure at all , it is just to restart the heart again Ito sinus rythem and it may not , just like a panadol to relief headache which may come back anytime

I had cardiversion twice the second one worked only for a month then AF again so I had ablation !

Ablation maybe a cure of successful , in my case no , I had been advised for a second one soon

No one can know others symptoms , don't know if our symptoms are all the same ! But for sure all are scary

I'm just praying that medication will help me for at least a while till few month to arrange for the second ablation which is my last hope


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