Signs you are in AF?

I realise this may sound a silly question, but sometimes I feel like my heart is, for want if a better word, vibrating. I then feel a little breathless, but this could be anxiety as I think I'm back in AF. I check my pulse and it's slow and steady during the vibration. It's a really odd sensation and seems to come on when I'm laid on my side.

I know this feeling is different to how I've felt AF before, where my pulse is irregular or fast flowing, and I have a radiating pain, but I'm wondering if these other sensations are also indicators of AF.

So my question is, what are the symptoms/signs you experience when you're in AF or about to go in to AF?

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  • My EP said that he thought that I was fibrillating more than I realized. A 7 day monitor proved that he was correct. It's obvious that I can start in my sleep as I wake up fibrillating.

    My main indicator is production of unaccountably huge volumes of urine. The medics call it INCREASED MICTURITION. Apparently the heart triggers the kidneys to go in to overdrive. I've been trying to work out if I should increase my liquid intake to prevent dehydration. Not long ago I had a 2 hr episode in the evening with frequent trips to the loo. Subsequently I didn't have to get up at 2am as usual.

    Since my ablation my AF has been milder and is manageable with 100 flecainide as a pip. I am now aware of ectopics which I wasn't pre-ablation.

  • Thanks. I've noticed the urine thing myself, but it doesn't seem to occur with the vibration feeling, so maybe that's something else.

  • AF is ALWAYS an irregular rhythm so whatever else it may be if it is regular it is not AF. We AFers are our own worst enemies since we become so aware of our hearts that normal (to other people) things worry us. If it continues why not see your GP for an ECG or buy a Kardia if you can be structured enough not to over use it.

  • I know I'm over sensitive, constantly sensing my heart, but I have noticed this vibration/fibrillation a few times and it was odd this morning as I seem to have been woken up by it. After confirming that there seemed to be some kind of vibration, I coughed and it stopped. Very odd.

  • Like Bob says, get a Kardia device if you can afford it -approx £100. Will tell you if likely in af. I find it useful but rarely use it.

  • It's not AF if it's regular but if you are lying on your left side, that may be the explanation. Many of us cannot lie on the left without triggering arrhythmias.

  • I know the feeling, I've had it now and again since my ablation for AF and Flutter. My theory (maybe mad) is that the atria are fluttering but the signal is blocked from getting to the ventricles at that rate.

  • That's what I was thinking. But it

    A it flutter rather than fibrillation then?

  • Yes. I'm not an expert at all but I was told signals from the atria can be blocked in a regular pattern.

  • I do not get these as much now but prior to an following ablation I got what I would describe as a quiver. I suspect it is atrial flutter.

    I know how you feel though. When a doctor asks whether you are getting palpitations, how would you know if you have no idea what a palpitation feels like.

  • A palpitation is any kind of awareness of your HB, covers AF, ectopics, heavy beats, quivers, the lot!

  • In that case......YES!

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