Post ablation

I had an ablation 11weeks ago , the first few weeks afterwards were as expected , sore groin , lots of europium beats etc then it really did settle down lovely . Up until last week I've not even noticed any irregular episodes, I'd not even checked my pulse! But now the last 5/6 days or so I have some ectopic beats again which have resulted in waking me up at night and basically thrown me off track .is this normal ?? I'm not on any medication as that all finished pretty much straight after the ablation apart from the blood thinners which I finished 4 weeks ago . Has any one else experienced this after an ablation ?

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  • The short answer is yes, it is quite common after ablation. I have had a few episodes - exercise seems to trigger mine - then nothing for months,

    Try sleeping propped up a bit as sometimes certain positions can trigger irregularities. Also have you been screened for sleep apnea?

    It is thought that ectopic beats are benign, although can feel troublesome.

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