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AF after Catheter Ablation

AF after Catheter Ablation

I am now four months on from my Ablation after AF as high as 180 Bpm. Things are settling down now with heart rate of around 60-70 Bpm. The only thing that kicks it off now is a couple of pints of beer two or three days together. Have overcome this by having couple of pints of bitter shandy when I go out. Only other problem I have is my medication Bisoprolol have reduced it from 10mg per day to 2.5 but still don't feel normal and have bad dreams and more aches and paints than when I was on Attenalol. Which cardiology at Stoke took me off. If anyone else having problems with Bisoprolol please let me know as I am sure that is what is making me feel lifeless and generally rough at times

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Most people find the same I think. Out of interest if alcohol sets your AF off then why do you persist? Most of us learned that early on and avoid it.


Things sound fairly good for you. Bisoprolol seems to be the drug of choice but why not discuss its advantages over atenolol with whoever has prescribed it. A few of us do take atenolol.


Hi Mike Tyson 211 I do like your photo and hope where ever you were when it was taken - what ever cardiac problem you have clearly something or someone or possibly your meds is or are working!!

What or who is the magic behind the smile cos I would like to try it. Have recently been diagnosed with permanent af after 20 years of the first stage! Up to this point meds and diet have kept it at bay but now I'm struggling to cope with this stage. I am a widow still trying to be independent and not seeking help from the family. The next stage is possible ablation but is too pricey to even think about going privately. So having joined the long nhs waiting list I am looking for any help fellow sufferers can give me. Regularly being in and out of hospital and meds changed on every visit I am now very low in my normally buoyant spirits and would appreciate any positive and cheerful help!!

HAve a good day. Gillyflowet13


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