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Some Progress

To provide an update - still haven't received an appointment as promised by the EP. Once again, today I called the EP's office assistant - my third call since the emergency room visit at end of February, I left a message that all I wanted now was a confirmation that it was safe for me to resume the flecainide which I had already resumed over a month ago despite being told to discontinue and that based on current symptoms, (my heart is not quiet - only way I can describe it - wake up every night at 3 a.m.. feeling like I am about to go into Afib, unable to climb stairs, unable to exercise, do housework without palpitations.) I thought I needed an increase in the flecainide.

I received a call from the office assistant stating that the doc said to go ahead with the increase. As for other issues I needed to consult him on, ie low heart rate, possible pacemaker, possible ablation, I will leave that to the new consultation I will have next year with a new EP. Hoping the increased flecainide will keep me from going into Afib until that time. If not, I will head to emergency and insist on a treatment plan to be put into effect within a reasonable period of time to deal permanently with the bradycardia and the Afib. So, for now, I feel safer now that EP has confirmed it is ok to take the flecainide and to go ahead with an increase of 50 mg. I will now be taking 50 mg three times a day rather than twice a day. I think it sad, , though that it seems there was to be no follow up to my emergency room visit as promised and that I had to come up with a minimal treatment plan for myself by resuming flecainide on my own, calling his office only to get reassurance that it was safe for me to increase the dosage.

But despite the lack of follow up care and the angst surrounding that, I am in a much better place emotionally due in large part to this forum, I thank one and all - the knowledge, the support, the realization there is a light at the end of that dark afib tunnel is of enormous comfort. My heart thanks you all - for sharing your knowledge, your worries, your fears, your own issues, your successes, your movement forward.

Peace of heart, mind, and spirit.


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glad you are feeling better and have got a plan in place- it's the uncertainty that's the problem and when you have a plan it's easier to cope- well done!

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You got that right, Rosy. Knowing there is a way forward provides hope, even if the way forward had to be initiated by me. i guess it is true that you have to take control of your own destiny.



particularly with AF as there are so many unknowns that one has to look at everything oneself- with help from clinicians of course!!

New research re effect of lifestyle changes for example- there are a few studies but I think we benefit from seeing what difference changes make to us individually- you seem to have sensed what is needed re meds and it's good to have had that authorised by your doctor

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