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Af worse after cryoablation

Hi, I had ablation on 29th March and have had a number of episodes since then. I had been suffering since 2006 and my consultant kept telling me my episodes would increase as I got older. I used to get 3 or 4 a year lasting about 3 hours. Since January the frequency had increased a lot so I went for ablation. Since the procedure the bouts have been frequent, 2 or 3 times a week but longer in duration. They are lasting up to 8 hours which I never experienced before. Last night I had one lasting 6 hours but the gap since my last episode was 4 days. I am hoping the intervals will increase during the settling down period but I find it frustrating that it seems worse than before the ablation. I told the Doc I had a couple of trips planned in April and May. He thought I should be fine to travel. However, I have cancelled a trip to Spain at Easter and I am now worried about a trip to Florida in May for a wedding. Don't fancy an 8 hour episode on a 10 hour flight.

It's hard to avoid these negative thoughts. Doesn't help that I can't exercise for a month as I found exercise to be beneficial, mentally and physically.

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My AF became much worse after 1st ablation and because I did too much, too soon after RF ablation. I had a second 10 weeks after first which was then successful. So I can say do as I say, not as I did (LOL).

I never let AF stop me going anywhere and I have had AF in a flight, albeit not a long haul flight but I can understand your reluctance. It really is no different to having one anywhere else except there is nothing you can do so you have to sit back and relax. Take something to distract - I used audiobooks so I could t listen to my heart! I flew long distance many times and didn't have an episode.

Spain is absolutely fine as the health care there is excellent, but US is a different story regarding travel and health insurance.

Are you on any drugs? Sometimes they can help during the healing period. It is still very early days so my inclination would be to go and speak to someone about drug support for AF and continue with your plans - you can always cancel last minute if you don't feel well enough to go.

In the meantime work on your worry thoughts - CBT (plenty of links online) is the solution AND take up a daily relaxation/meditation discipline/routine in place of your exercise as this will also help with anxiety and feel good factor.

Gentle, daily exercise is good but don't push it.

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It really is very early in your recovery period which I am sure you will have been told can take between three and six months.

Speak to the arrhythmia nurse where you had it done if you are worried but this sort of thing is quite common and does NOT mean it has been a failure.

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I had a cryoablation last July with one episode exactly one week later followed by a short episode nearly 3 months that. I then had nothing until 3 days after my first review last January which may have been provoked due to a reduction in drugs. So far, so good, but I still get very occassional short, but fast heart beats and many more ectopics, which probably would have gone un-noticed before I knew about AF. Try not to worry and maybe you could ask your Doctor if he thinks a Pill in the Pocket might be appropriate which might improve your confidence while travelling. As it happens, I was in New England (with my EP's approval) when I had AF for the second time, but it did not cause any problems.....I do appreciate however, we are not all the same, and CD's absolutely right, you need to be very sure that you are properly covered by insurance!!!!

Moderate excercise is good, but some folk seem to go into "extreme" excercise soon after their ablation and I'm not sure of the sanity of that. Bob, is right, talk to the arrythmia nurse and maybe ask her about the suitability of taking a PiP, just in of luck.....

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