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Hi all,

So i'm new here as i have gone some 19 months of blood tests and pills for HT only today to be recognized as having an irregular pulse. It is suspected that i have Paroxysmal AF but now need a cardiologist to confirm.

The irony is is that i have been raising money every year for the last 5 years for the BHF as i enjoyed the day out cycling on the London to Brighton. now i know why i have not beaten Ditchling. We started doing charity cycle rides for fun and to raise money for the causes. This was more of a pub to pub than a lycra clad sleek machine, as i was shaped for comfort and not speed. Initially it was for the Brain tumor charity after losing my dad 5 years ago to a grade 4 that took him from us in under 8 weeks.

My head "fuzzyness" was put down to stress and anxiety along with odd dizzy spells, and i was told that his loss was always in the back of my mind and that i worried i would go the same way. i have read other posts on here and the most of you have reported chest pains / butterflies type feelings, and yet i currently have none of this.

Anxiety and panic attacks do happen (or at least this is how the wife titles them) and just of late i feel my pulse in my head and eyes and when i laugh "hard" i have nearly blacked out. Has anyone ever had a "visual aura", as i have had 2 but some months apart.

If anyone is doing the L2B this year it would be interesting to hear your tactics and or how you have managed in the past, and do look out for me as i always ride with black ears and a tail on my headgear.

Only a quick summery, but thanks for listening.

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your GP should be able to order a 7 day monitor which may help in diagnosing paroxysmal af. Sometimes initially the episodes are very infrequent so may not be detected.

Anxiety and exercise may be triggers and may explain your visual symptoms although this may be migraine.

Good luck with the cycling


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