Acupuncture for treating A-fib

Currently in ER due to high h.r. (140-165) due to a-fib. Have had 2 ablations and just came off propafenone which didn't hold me and gave lots of side effects. ER using diltiazem to get rate down. While laying here did some research and came across some research on acupuncture to successfully treat a-fib. Anyone have experience using acupuncture to treat a-fib?

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  • I had acupuncture last year to see if it would help with my poor mobility. It had a calming effect which may have helped reduce AF episodes but I cannot see how it would cure AF. It did nothing for my mobility which was eventually diagnosed as 2 herniated discs in my neck.

  • Tried acupuncture, six visit course, sadly no improvement in AF.

  • Sorry it didn't work for you. Italian study seemed hopeful. I think I will try it since meds not helping much any more and already had 2 ablations and a recent cardioversion. Thanks for responding.

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