Is it the beta blockers that cut the risk of stroke? Or is it the Pradaxa?

Hi, is it normal to feel tired whilst taking Beta blockers? Bisoprolol. Ive been taking 2 per day as prescribed and now my specialist says I can try 1.5 per day and if my heart dosnt start banging about try 1. Ive felt a difference in walking up hill on the 1.5 so I'm trying 1 per day from now on. My heart rate has gone from 50 to 55/57 . By cutting the b.blockers down am I opening myself up to more risk of stroke? Or is it the Pradaxa I'm using taking care of that?


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  • Hi Valdoot

    Check with your doctor please, it's not good to change your medication withut talking to them

    The pradaxa is the anti-coagulant, not Bisoprolol.

    Bisoprolol is a beta-blocker mainly to control the rate of the heart but can have a rhythm control effect as well.

    Double check with your medical advisor please.

    Be well


  • Thankyou, I will do now. It was lovely having a walk without being puffed out and outa breath I must say. It felt like spring!

  • Are your bisoprolol tablets different to mine?

    I am on 2.5 strength which I thought was standard strength. A lower dose is 1.25.

  • I'm on 5mg twice per day. I think? I oughta have checked. I'm at work so I will do. You've made me think I must be on 2.5 twice per day then. Honestly, Ive gone from taking nothing to what seems just tablet after tablet. I will check.

  • Lethargy and fatigue are known side effects of Bisoprolol. You may be experiencing longstanding suppressed fatigue manifesting itself now that the body is feeling safe.

    You have a bradycardic heart rate of less then 60 bpm. This may be the cause of the fatigue. You are exercising against a slow heart rate . Are you making a greater effort.

    After a Pharmacy review I've adjusted my timings. I take a second dose mid evening so the side effects happen when I'm asleep. I wake up with slight light headedness. Increasing my water based fluids helps to keep me alert.

    Your Beta blocker and anti-coagulent are prescribed to reduce the risk of a stroke.

  • Its all quite new to me, when I had the first attack I was really tired, I couldn't keep my arms up long enough to wash my hair, sounds mad but its true. Now, every now and then I'm just fatigued for maybe 2 days then it passes. But walking up hill just tires me out.

    Right, so the work together to reduce risks. I take one blocker morning and one at night with the Pradaxa.

    Its crappy. lol.


  • I found beta blocker very bad as slowed my heart to dangerous levels, as heart normally beats around 48 to 50 when not in Af. So ablation was my only option. And on pradaxa now so not to have a stroke, even though no Af any more thank God.

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