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To Spain or not to Spain, that is the question?

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Hi all, i have paroxysmal AF which in the last few weeks has been worse than usual, mainly triggered by lifting at work hence Im off sick at the moment. My Bisoprolol was raised to 10mg per day by my GP which has really settled things and with being off work as well ive been in NSR for a good 10 days with just the odd skipped beat. I have a couple of hospital appointments in the next few days for a 5 day monitor and echocardiogram.

My 1 week holiday to Spain is due to start 14th July and I am now wondering whether to go or not, I suppose Im a bit anxious about being in a foreign country given recent events, also the heat too. I was just wondering if you lovely folks had any tips or advise about this type of decision and basically what would you do in my shoes?? I dont want this condition to rule my life but dont want to be irresponsible either. Thanks in advance, Dave.

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I guess at the end of the day it's down to you. Confidence will play a part Many check out hospitals before they go and have a back up plan to help them relax more .

Thank you for the reply, I guess that's what I am struggling with, at the moment I am at home and feel safe as I have a quick fix if anything goes wrong, I have very few symptoms possibly because of where I am.. I don't want a holiday to become a challenge rather than a chill... Oh the joys! Thanks again.

Im sure lots will tell you to go and don't let AF rule but like I said at the end of the day it's about you People's good advice may turn out to be bad or good Ring your surgery ask for telephone consultation with doctor Get his advise on it

Thanks il do that...

Agree with Vonnieruth. We know there are many members who have travelled with AF (me included) but so much depends on how it normally effects you. If you normally can ride out an episode then you should be fine, but are you confident that your travel insurance will cover you if you are currently having tests etc.

Il check the cover, thank you

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I go along with Flapjack. Do make sure your insurance covers you.( My hobby horse)

I'd say that it depends on your emotional / anxiety state. I assume you won't get the results of your monitor and echocardiogram before you go but if you do then just include those in your decision making process. You've been coping with the recent hot weather here, you've been in NSR for 10 days and you're only going for 7 days. Worst case: if the PAF returns then how well will you cope? It will be an inconvenience, for sure, but how likely would you be to go to A&E or your GP if it occurred at home? Take your EHIC (just in case), your meds and your usual coping mechanisms. Don't over-indulge and you'll be fine.

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Thank you πŸ‘

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I'm envious, TBH.

While on my 'journey' this year, although my symptoms are very mild compared to others on here and manageable, I've not felt able to make any plans at all. I worry that this Is selfish of me as it is unfair on my wife, particularly since we didn't manage to get away last year either.

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Yes I know exactly what you mean, it's so easy to be bullied by this condition into leading half a life. Always planning for problems instead of hoping for the best... Chin up mate better times ahead we hope πŸ‘


Simple question. Would you rather feel rubbish at home or in some nice relaxing place with great food and company? In my case they are the same place of course (Must say that in case OH reads this) . My point is that most people find the relaxing mood of the holiday most helpful and few people who we have encouraged to go regret it. Just stay well hydrated at all times, make sure your travel insurance covers you for AF and stop worrying.

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Thanks Bob πŸ‘

Hi. I was in the same shoes as you four years ago, when I had my first attack of AF. Really nervous about flying & going to Majorca. However, armed with good advice, medication, travel insurance & plenty of fluids(water + the odd glass of sangria πŸ˜‰) I was fine. The only little hiccup was when I was standing in a large crowd & there was loud beat music playing - I soon departed & I was fine. I have not looked back since & have just returned this week from a Scandinavian/Russian cruise. Enjoy your life & don’t let AF rule it. Best wishes.


Thank you Ally πŸ‘

Consider getting assistance through the airport if you are symptomatic. Book with your airline or travel agent - at least 48 hours before departure.

I flew from Boston to San Diego on business 10 days after my ablation. I was still getting lots of palpitations and thuds and skipped beats. I prayed each way for no episodes on the airplane. But it worked out fine. I made sure I knew where the local hospital that was in my insurance network was located. And I didn't go out and join the festivities at night. But I made it through. I was glad I had borrowed a rolling suitcase. And those airport walks through the terminal can get long. I like the idea of arranging assistance. But really your body tells you what you can and cannot do. You just have to remember to listen.

Thank you for your input πŸ‘

As long as you have good travel insurance which covers Spain - which is normally higher than for the rest of Europe. Airport assistance can help but book NOW as they get really busy if you fly into Malaga.

Also - how would you feel if you cancelled?

Until this spring we had a home in Spain and I found the Health System excellent, should you be unfortunate to need it, which I’m pretty sure you won’t. I used it twice in 10 years and neither for AF.

As to the heat - it is over 30C in my garden right now, I’m just about coping in the shade. Keep hydrated and in the shade or even better - the water!

I’ve had episodes in the strangest of places and once on a plane and I just did my deep breathing, kept very quiet about it and by the time we were half way out of the airport I was back in NSR.

Have a great time.

Thanks for the information, much appreciated πŸ‘

Hi. I had the same question last month and the same anxiety and worries following recently been diagnosed with af and still waiting cv. After talking to hospital , Gp, advice on here and feeling better in myself with medication I decided to go on my 8 day holiday and am writing this sat on my balcony in Malta with hubby with 2 more days left of holiday to go. Have had no problems, kept my fluids up, been walking around, in the pool and had the odd cocktail otherwise stuck to water. Do what u feel comfortable doing and the heat is not much different at home. Also had no problems with the flight and no symptoms

That's great thank you! Enjoy your jolly hols 😁

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Really nice to hear this! Not everyone was encouraging you to take this bold step, but it's paid off, so well done.

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Thank you, glad I have as have enjoyed the rest and not felt so stressed as just being enjoying my break rather than worrying about everything

Are you going to give up living then Dave and slide into old age? No, of course you're not. You'll go and enjoy it. If your heart plays up, or exhausts you, then you can rest in Spain as easily as at home. Lets face it you're not going to holiday on the moon. Spain is a civilised country and not far away. When in AF we can still talk, smile and enjoy a meal. The coldness of a pool or the sea may well jolt you out of AF if you have an attack. Enjoy your holiday and please tell us how it went on your return. Jean

Thanks Jean, I will let you know how it goes πŸ‘ have a nice weekend.

Well, I went to Sri Lanka in the same situation. My cardio said to go and relax.

Thanks for your input πŸ‘

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