alternative to ibruprofen

is anyone in a similar position... taking rivaroxaban daily (for AF)and 2 solpadol, together with 20mg methotrexate weekly for arthritis ..

As AD is new (1 month) I can't have the ibuprofen because of the extra bleed risk. So what can I take to control my RA pain. it's just starting up again now i'm off the ibrufen. What pain killer is compatible, anyone?

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  • I use CoCodamol (paracetamol/codeine) when necessary for OA. Have you tried this?

  • can i ask if you are on a blood thinner as well as the codeine/para?

  • I've been taking warfarin for over 13 years. My GP prescribes my CoCodamol.

  • Thanks Yatsura. Good to know I'm not the only one who has to consider these options. I don't c my gp til 13th so will ask him about the co codamol. Is your OA very bad and does the co codamol work effectively to control your pain levels?

  • NSAIDs such as ibuprofen have been linked to causing AF not just as interfering with anticoagulation so area really bad idea. You need really to discuss options with your doctor or pharmacist as we really should not make recommendations here.

  • Thanks Bob. I intend to ask my gp on 13th appointment. Just wondered off there was maybe a common painkiller used by those on rivaoxaban who could comment on.

  • You mention that yu take 2 solpadol daily as this is another name for cocodamol. Are you sure to have the correct drug namd. I take Solpadol (30mg codeine and 500mg paracetamol) for pain releif, this is presceibed by my doctor and I am on Rivaroxaban. It is not quite as effective as ibruprofen, but it is a no no with AF. There is Tramadol which is stronger but I do not get on with this. Ask your GP to review it. I think there are a few other options, cann't remember them at the moment, so you mus talk to your GP, There are also some topical gels available which you can use if you have AF.


  • many thanks Cassie. Hadn't realised the co codamol was the same as the Solpadol I take, which is exactly the same dose as you take. In the past i tried Tramadol but that made my chest pound and that was years before any AF. I'll ask my GP on the 13th. Was just wondering what works generally for others.


  • I cannot take any morphine based pain killer due to extreme shortness of breath. This due to my AF and I am waiting on the hospital for that. I went to my GP as I suffer with lower back pain due to extensive damage of the facet joints and other general arthritic pain. After trying gabapentin which does not suit me - or work she has put me on Nefopam which interrupts the pain messages to the brain so the pain messages are not felt. It seems to do the job but early days yet, but it enables me to live my life at a reasonable level and not in agony. Maybe you should ask your GP about these other analgesics. I only take at bedtime as they are quite strong and they do interfere with your ability to sleep. I can put up with that as long as my pain is under control.

  • Thanks for this. I will ask go.

  • I have osteoarthritis not RA and I take Tramadol 100mg slow release 12 hour capsules x2 and normal tramadol 50 mg x4 daily along with 2 paracetamol 4 times daily. Ibrufen, ibuprofen are known causes of Atrial Fibrulation so avoid them like the plague.

  • I had no idea til reading this forum that ibuprofen was such a baddie. Years ago I was put on Tramadol and my heart thumped like a train so it's a no for me. Thanks for your response.

  • Hi I have Rheumatoid disease, also A F for 2yrs,I take Apixaban etc for AF and Meloxicam for my RA .

    Also on Methotrexate injections,no problems with either medications

  • Ps have had RA for 17yrs-I also take Pantoprazole for stomach protection from all these nasty meds!

  • yes the hospital put me on amaprazole when my AF was diagnosed on arrival before my Tia kicked in, since they let me home to continue my ibruprofen alongside the rivaroxaban! Thank God the gp spotted that and pulled me off it ten days post AT. Thanks for your recommendations.

  • ask your GP for pure codiene - but promise and DO keep to the max doses allowed

  • will ask gp about that for sure.

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