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Blood Clusters/Clots Coming From Throat?


Hi everybody I'm an 18 year old female who until recently has been perfectly healthy. I don't ever get sick, but in the past few months a slew of weird symptoms without explanation have started. I started having premature ventricular contractions and still have them ( they cause all kinds of bad symptoms but I'll try to stay on topic) For the past few nights after I brush my teeth, when I go to rinse my throat with cold water, these coin-sized blood clots come up and they are not at all diluted with saliva. They're bright red with veiny branches and my throat hurts after they come up. Sometimes multiple ones come up, like 4 in a row with blood inbetween clots. Any idea what it is? Thanks in advance.

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No but I suggest you seek urgent medical advice.

I don't know I'm afraid but my advice would be seek medical help today so that an expert can advise you. Good luck let us know how you get on.

I haven't a clue what your problem is but I do know it's neither normal nor insignificant. Go 'immediately' to your local doctor or hospital A&E/ER preferably taking any 'clot' samples with you. It may turn out to be something that can be easily remedied - but don't waste any more time trying to obtain a diagnosis online..... Good luck.

You to seek proper medical advice, x

Definitely go to your doctor or Emergency Dept at hospital.

not sure why you're posting this on the AF site, It sounds like you have a problem with your throat and need to see your GP to be examined


Could well be tonsillitis but as has been said please go see a medic asap.


Heres hoping u feel a little better 🌺

We on this site are not doctors so to diagnose would be foolish

Even a doctor would need to see what you a producing

Could be so many things

Not sure if u are in england or Amercia

But if in England and you are producing

Clots like you described then pkease go straight to A & E

Where there is an ears nose and throat specialist

You need an Ent docter

I know charring cross hospital has one nit sure of others

Dont go to GP it will waste your time

Thats only if you are large clots coming from your throat

Best of luck wish you well dont panick u will all be fine


Have you tried rinsing your throat, when you're not cleaning your teeth? If you try this and there's no blood, then my guess would be that blood from brushing your teeth is mixing with mucus in your throat.

When my daughter was young she started bringing up quite large amounts of blood and when sent to hospital for investigation it was discovered that the blood was coming from her adenoids. She had them removed and was fine from then on.

Myself, I have a weak blood vessel in my nose and have had bleeds since childhood. Because the blood vessel is high in my nose I can sometimes walk around unaware that its slowly bleeding. When this happens I can bring up large clots of blood from my throat. A doctor once offered to cauterise it, but on thinking about it I thought that if pressure builds up in my body I would rather that vein ruptured than any other.

If you are bringing up blood when not brushing your teeth, then as others have recommended you need to seek advice and find out the cause.

Please let us know how you get on.


I think the best advice we can give is see your GP ASAP

How are you Ayam and what did you do?


Hi Ayam,

I am Naveen and I had the same issue today as you say. So please could you say what is the reason for that and what you did.

Thanking you

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