Cholesterol, clots, changing views

Dr Kendrick has written an interesting piece.

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He says that results of a big trial, done before the cholesterol = clots hypothesis became popular, and never published, have now been made public. They are against the conventional wisdom. The tide seems to be turning. Clot prevention is not about reducing cholesterol. It is about protecting the endothelium (lining of blood vessels) and reducing the risk of blood clots forming, and reducing the size and tenacity of any clots that do form.

Surprise surprise. It is Nitrous Oxide which protects. Which leads to sunshine and Vitamin D.

There are other interesting points, all relevant to those with AF wishing to reduce blood clot risk.

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  • What is he a doctor of? Not a very well written paper.

  • This is a blog, one of a long series. He has also written several books. He is a GP I think. Some of his blogs get more technical than this forum! But he always manages to explain simply at some point, and to engage with the fine detail so that experts can check him.

  • Forgot to add. He was discussing a recent paper in the British Medical Journal, which appears to be Open Access. Dr Kenderick also says this is one more piece of evidence that the drugs companies have hidden data -- results of drug trials -- that do not suit them. If this data had been published promptly, then the millions wasted on a wrong idea would have been avoided.

  • I've been reading Dr Kendrick's books and papers for the last year, and have found them both interesting and informative. By following advice gleaned from him, and other experts, i.e. Dr Zoe Harcombe, we have totally changed our diet, and both feel healthier!

  • How does one....".protect the endothelium (lining of blood vessels)"?

  • Stop avoiding sunlight that creates Vitamin D in the body.

  • I always take an interest in articles about sunbathing because I was accused of irresponsible sunbathing 25 years ago. A mole on the back of my upper arm became cancerous and I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma. I had never actually sunbathed or been burnt although I had worked outside a lot.

    There has been a great deal of publicity lately about the health benefits of sunlight and Vit D. I would like to know why burka-wearing women aren't dying in droves.

  • They probably are, we just don't get to hear about it as they're treated as 2nd class citizens!

  • What an eye opening article. It really explains to me the uncomfortable feeling I have always felt about taking. Statins and therefore stopped. Who do you believe? For me this is the best informed article I have read and will be following the vitamin D route in future.

  • Excellent article, and quite a scandal that the results of the original trial were not reported. Otherwise, as it says, we would not have such an aversion to cholesterol and fatty food, not would statins have been developed. I've signed up to his newsletter.

  • I have only read the first article so far, but this is interesting, and warrants further research. For the past 4 years I have lived on what feels like a semi-starvation diet (that often leaves me hungry and miserable) in a desperate attempt to keep my cholesterol below 5 (it stubbornly hovers around that number)! Do I see a light at the end of the tunnel..........?

  • See my reply to Ilowe, I have followed for 7 years the Weston A Price recommendations for eating - full fat etc my cholesterol has not increased nor have I got fat. They also recommend no sun screen but equally be sensible and don't get burnt. I know you do a lot of homework on health/AF issues so please look into this area some more.

  • Thank you SO much, orchard worker.......! I will definitely look into this in the NY, and probably also see a nutritionist....(NOT an NHS one at hospital - thye just give you diet sheets!)

    Just over Christmas, I have eaten a little more fat and "nice things" that I usually deprive myself of, and I just seem to have that little bit more energy - coincidence??? - (also away from stresses of work though). I have always been the build you see in my pic (hardly obese, eh?).

    I am a very sensible sun bather and I love the sun and warmth, because most of the year I am constantly cold!!!....I am seriously wondering whether lack of Vit D may contribute..........

    Right..... on with my research.

    A happy and healthy new year to you!

  • Dr. Malcolm Kendrick has also written a good book entitled "the great cholesterol con". I highly recommend it.


  • I also read his book on Doctoring Data which really made me question many research findings and look and question much more carefully the 'accepted' medical opinion. I recently met with a nutritionist who advised Vit D supplement and increasing my red meat and fat intake, feel much better for it even though it has only been 3 weeks.

  • I strongly recommend those who have the time and are interested, to read about Professor Tim Noakes. He has pioneered the thinking on what and how we eat. Many will think 'not another one' but have a look and make your own minds up.

  • Professor Tim noaks is one of my favorite doctors. He is very knowledgeable and easy to listen to. Check him out at:

  • I had the privilege of watching him speak at the Sports Institute here in Cape Town just after his epic court case had found in his favour. His journey now is to enable those less affluent to eat for their health, and he is starting here in South Africa. His premise is spot on, unfortunately he is taking on a lot of the worlds biggest cartels and so called nutrional experts.

  • Thanks, AnnElizabeth for the update on TIm's court case. This is a spectacular event in the medical world but as you say, he is up against the worlds biggest cartels. If only I had known 30 years ago what Tim is now teaching regarding diet. It is the single most important preventative. But he has made a dent and perhaps metabolic syndrome will now be taken more seriously and millions of people around the world will be spared the horors of most of today's degenerative diseases.


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