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Atrial Fibrillation and blood clots

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Does anyone have any experience with Afib and blood clots in fingers.

There is no trauma to the digit. I just got pain and it appeared. It looks like a small dot (3 mm) - under the skin.

Do I just wait and see if it disappears? Sorry, this is a new one for me.

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I'm new to this and don't know enough myself but surely if it is a clot it needs urgent medical attention for clot retrieval / dispersal before it travels to the brain. Hope you & I are wrong.

Mil at 78 was Hospitalised with a clot in her leg 8 weeks ago. She spend 2 weeks there where she also received a cortisone injection in her knee. Then without any consultation with family was transferred from Hospital to a care home for physio rehab to get her back on her feet. She's stuck there in Lockdown. Sorry for boring you.

Not boring at all. I appreciate the response.

I just don't want to possibly use up time and resources the NHS doesn't have at the moment if there is no need.

Thank you for the reply.

I had a blood clot in my right arm during an episode about 5 years ago....I don't think you should ignore this! Surely no clots should be ignored. Why don't you phone 111?

I haven't got time to go into details of mine but if you follow me you may be able to read about it in one of my old posts???

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I called 111 spoke to a dr who then spoke to the DVT department and they told her they had never come across a clot in the finger, ergo it must be a bruise or a blister.

I have been told to observe it.

🀞Don't bite the hand that feeds you?

3 Ways to Stop Biting Your Fingers 😜

Not Clotworthy. πŸ‘Œ

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I quite often get a pain in my a finger and when I look down I have a red lump which then turns into a bruise and disperses. This quite often happens after I carry a heavy shopping bag or wring a cloth out hard.

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Glad you checked it out.........BTW when I went to A&E, with mine, suggesting it might be a clot or that I was worried i was having a stroke, they initially said mine was an RSI and sent me home.....grr!!

Would it be a blood blister? I sometimes get them in my fingers but no more than I used to prior to anticoagulation.

Hi, I often get a sudden pain under side of fingers (usually over joint area) and have to press hard on the place as is quite painful, there is small bluish area there, I believe a small haematoma / bleed. Often happens without any prior trauma, like carrying heavy carrier bags but has been happening for about 10 yrs now so pre dating my anti coagulation meds which have only been on for last 6months. I believe that I am having tiny veins/capillaries breaking/ bursting due to being more fragile as I get older- it is quite common. Could this be what you are experiencing? Chris

I have several "blood spots" in various parts of my body. Some are the size of a pin head and others a bit bigger. I have had more since being on Warfarin. My mother had them too. They are harmless, and nothing to worry about - its just part of you! Many doctors' have seen mine during examination, and have not taken a bit of notice. If you are worried mention it to your doctor next time you visit, and I am sure he will put your mind at rest. Keep well, keep safe.

I get painful bruising, sometimes on the inside of my fingers, the last time it happened was when I was gripping a screw driver very tightly. I also bruise on the side of my finger where I take blood to test my INR, in fact I bruise more easily everywhere. The only time I was alarmed enough to get checked out was when I developed a black patch under a toenail. I walk a lot, and the doctor thought it was pressure on my toe, and so it was.

I think most people bruise more easily as they get older anyway. But if it is large, painful and inflamed, then best get it checked out.

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