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22 weeks

Well I said I'd pop by from time to time to give you all an update on how I'm feeling,

Heart wise I feel good, couple of ectopics but nothing major, both 24 hour holter have been good, one read 24 premature ventricle beats but was told by Sabine that she has more than this so nothing to worry about.

I'm back up to the Brompton on may 9th for my 6 month check up and scans so I'll post agsin then, my pulse is still higher than normal at around 85-90 so I'll mention that to Sabine aswell

Oh and as I've done nothing for last 5 months I've put on a stone and half so today I went out for a little run, amazing how unfit you can become

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Hi Jusssy75 , I am so please to hear that you are doing so well , keep smiling and the exercise . I have been following your postings with great interest , right form the start of your journey with Sabine . As I also tried to join Sabine's trial , but unfortunately she rejected my case on the basis of my past heart issues .

I have been offered cryoblation on NHS but have not taken it up as yet . I have lots of dilemma in making this jump . Remembering that I am much older than you , I am 72 years old and one or two EP on this site as well as my own EP from St.Bartholomew 's hospital , do not encourage it for older generation who are asymptomatic . Good luck with your check up on the 9th May and please keep us informed .

Best wishes Bahman.


Glad to hear from you and good to know your still being well looked after. you have the spring and summer to look forward to now so no excuse enjoy your running :)


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Raised heart rate post ablation is common Mine was around that for at least eight months so don;t worry too much.


Good to hear from you Juggsy. My goodness a stone and a half is a lot of weight to put on. Is there a reason you've been so inactive for the last 5 months, other than your ablation?

Hope you stay well and continue to keep in touch.



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