Pyjamas and Picc lines

Pyjamas and Picc lines

Hello everyone! Week five in hospital and apparently another few to go.

Had TOE (Trans oesophageal echo), and the vegetation, or infection, is growing on my aortic valve which apparently is odd as it's my mitral valve which is the leaky one and the bacteria usually attach to an organ or part thereof which is already faulty.

Anyway, the "cauliflower" hasn't been zapped by a month of broad spectrum antibiotics so now the big guns are coming out! Cultures are still being grown and the microbiologists in the basement are working feverishly on creating a specific antibiotic for my pet growth and I've been to theatre to have a picc line put in so that my wee allotment will be blasted 24/7 for a few weeks.

Hospital food, although good quality, is very repetitive but my fellow patients, although much more transient than I, continue to entertain and amuse. I could write a book!

Being a partner in a "mixed marriage" as they quaintly call it in Norn Iron I have the dubious benefit of being prayed over by clerics of various religious sects so I'm pretty sure of getting the "right" one.

As I said to a priest who was sympathising with my plight, "Sure it's better that one of us protestants goes Father than one of yours." My husband was horrified, but it's amazing what one can get off with under the cloak of illness. 😂

I bet our female members will understand the phrase "matching pyjamas". Sent other half home for a few pairs and he couldn't find them because they aren't matching tops and bottoms but have designs which complement each other. I was presented with a bag of uncoordinated items in various shades and hues of blue. Be careful how you describe something to a mere man ladies 😩

Apologies for pic if anyone is eating, but on the day that my endocarditis was described and shown to me we were presented with cauliflower as our accompanying vegetable for dinner.

Sorry, bit long winded, and I haven't even touched on my AF nor my heart failure. Another day!

Hope you are all well.

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  • Well, if all else is 'failing' your sense of humour is still intact!.Oh, yes, messages home and 'please bring in '......this or that.I had all that last July.A fleece came in instead of my dressing gown,hankies instead of can tell I am not in my twenties if I use a face cloth!

    I sincerely hope they get to the bottom of it all....and enjoy the is so good for you.

  • How interesting ---- and it did make me laugh.

    I've just had 14 nights in hospital during which time I ate very little with nothing at all for 3 days. I was convinced that I had lost at least a stone and got on the scales full of optimism. My weight loss was NIL.

    Incidentally one of the reasons for my AF which resulted in the aborted operation may well have been dehydration. This is a known problem for AF sufferers.

    I hope that the Bacteriologists solve your problem soon.

    Very best wishes

  • Just to clarify, the pic is valve vegetation, NOT the accompaniment to my main course!

  • I did go back to check but realised hospitals don't use blue plates 😛

  • Love your sense of humor, not sure I would be that forgiving to anyone who even tried to pray over me!

    What a fantastic picture, definately worthy of an alien invasion film! Exact description of man's inability to cope with co-ordination - is that why they only wear navy, black, white or grey do you think? I once asked my husband to clear all the flowers from the vases - I was rushing around to do shopping as visitors expected. Opened front door to be greeted with vase - minus flowers but still full of stale, smelly water and petals trailed through the house "well I did EXACTLY as you asked - I cleared the flowers from the vases - if you wanted more you should have said so". At that point you either need to find your sense of humour or have a hissy fit and although I am capable of both - chose the humour and laughed.

    Hope the treatment works and why not write that book?

    All best wishes for recovery CD.

  • Absolutely love your sense of humour . I really think you should write a book!

    Seriously I'm so sorry that you're still in hospital and do hope that they are able to find a way of treating this very soon.

    ( I've just got back from the shops and thought I would get some broccoli...not my favourite veg....I don't think I could fancy it now....).

    Best wishes


  • Fantastic post.....not sure about the pic tho, looks a bit like a walnut whip that's gone 'orribly wrong.....hope they soon get you sorted, best wishes for a speedy recovery

  • Thank you for the therapeutic laughs this lovely morning! That sense of humour of yours is a real plus in your long saga of the vegetables. I do hope they can now target the stuff and the photograph is amazing.

    Loved the clerical stories and it reminded me of being in St. Mary Abbott's in London many years ago. I didn't wish to give a religious denomination, so it was left blank on my admission form and I was thoroughly visited by every known padre of every shade, all providing comfort and prayer. My fellow patients probably thought I was a terrible sinner!

    Poor hubby - mine is equally at a loss to comprehend female precision in the arrangement and choice of clothing items - that's how we fascinate them. 😈

    Keep well and gather anecdotes for that book - you have a natural talent with words. Best wishes xxx

  • Love your sense of humour and understand the mixed marriage bit. My first was reverse of yours and in any argument I was " just a bleeding English protestant! " Wonderful photography by the way. Sigourney Weaver will be across to see you soon. "Get away from her you bitch! "

  • I'm sorry to hear your news but enjoying the serial! Have you built a nest? When I had my ablation the woman next to me was a long stay patient and had built herself a nest in her corner. The staff treated her like a pet and I was a bit peeved because she got more attention than I did! Recognise the pyjama scenario all too well, since the day I was interrupted while asking my husband to bring a sponge bag before I got to the list of contents so that is what I got - a sponge bag....... I now have a packed 'hospital' bag at the ready.

    I have added my prayers to those of your medley of religious visitors (have you had a nun yet? They tend to be 'bracing' I believe!)

  • Hello from Carrick, not too far away from you. Was planning on cauliflower for Sunday lunch. Not so sure now!

  • Hope that things are soon under control. There is a surplus of cauliflower at the moment and farmers are ploughing them back into the ground.

  • What a wonderful sense of humour you have and it must help so much in your position. I do hope things get better for you soon and that the cauliflower becomes something to eat rather than wear!! All the best and I look forward to the next instalment :-) :-)!

  • Love your positivity and sense of humor. Sending healing wishes and prayers from across the pond! 💓

  • You are so brave and so funny. Well... I shall be lighting another wee candle for you.. In a chapel in Co. Down and praying for a quick recovery and successful antibiotic for you very very soon. Take care and keep us posted xxx

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