Heart raced after 1 month and a half but EKG still normal and looks good?

I just had an episode of heart racing. I had ablation done Feb 1, was a success according to EP. Also just had an echocardiogram last week and everything looked great. Just a little while ago My heart raced. Went back to normal when the ambulance arrived. Took EKG looks normal still. Don't know why I had that episode. Could have been menstrual cycle, anxiety idk. Hospital is monitoring to see if it happens again. Is this normal?

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  • After 1 month and a half ablation*****

  • When you say it raced - a run of tachycardia? For how long? Why di you call an ambulance?

    It is very common to have tachycardia - heart racing- for quite a long time after ablation - it took 8-9 months for my heart rate to settle back into a norm of 65 resting - it was 85-100 just after the ablation and would rise quickly on exertion. Many people find they also experience runs of ectopics fro some months which can feel uncomfortable.

    Anxiety is your biggest enemy along with worry thoughts so the best thing you can do to help yourself is to find relaxation techniques which help you - those that focus on breathing such as Yoga, Thai Chi and Mindfulness are most effective for people with heart arrythmias and get anxious - practiced often and for long enough they really can calm your heart and improve wellbeing.

    I do hope the paramedics reassured you that there was nothing wrong but remember that ambulance service is there for life threatening emergencies, although arrythmias and tachycardia can feel like it is somethimes!

    Hope you are now feeling better.

  • Thank you, well I don't know felt more like an episode of SVT, but I didn't check my pulse at the moment to see how high it was, my first thought was to call an ambulance because yes I freaked out and yes right now my biggest enemy is my anxiety. The other thing too is sometimes I feel chest pain in the morning, right on my breast bone, no shortness of breath or anything. Weird thing is when I get up out of bed I don't feel it and it only happens in the morning. I might have to try something for my anxiety, thank you for your reply.

  • Far too early to,worry You must have been told it take three to six months for the heart to recover and lots of things will happen in that time. Try not to worry or focus on it. This is normal.

  • They told me up to three months, since my ablation was for wpw and svt. Almost there. Things look good so far except a few episodes happening, thank you for your reply.

  • I agree this is normal and expected after ablation, i had a fast heart a few months after my op usually in the evening/bedtime, when i spoke to the nurse she said that would be normal and it would settle down. It was very worrying when it happened and i didn't feel too good (was unable to sleep) but you just have to stay positive and try the breathing exercises on here to help slow it down and try and take your mind off it.

    I think if you are over 140bpm for more than 4 hours or experiencing certain symptoms (chest pain, dizzyness etc...) then you must call an ambulance. perhaps someone might be able to post the info for reference as i cant remember the exact details.

  • Yeah I wasnt able to sleep either, had a little bit of chest pain in the morning. Yeah soon as I felt it race I did call, only thing is I didnt get any chest pain was just the lightheadedness and the shortness of breath. Yeah I agree it is best to not think about it too much as that is what the ER doctor told me. It's scary thou. Thank you for your reply.

  • It can be very scary especially for those experiencing it for the first time but knowing your safe and being aware of the symptoms to look out for will allow you to be less anxious if/when it does happen. From my experience knowing i have nothing to worry about seemed to reduce the symptoms dramatically.

  • Please don't be so hard on yourself. It is a scary journey but it takes many months after an abalation for things to settle down. I had an EP heart nurse I could call which helped calm my anxiety. Maybe you have one?

  • No unfortunately I dont. I have to take anxiety meds. Well and cope with it on my own.

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