3 months + since ablation

I had my operation on the 11th of November 2016, my doctor told me to wait 3 months before noticing any difference. It's now coming up to 3+ months and I still am experiencing AF, not as much as previously, but still episodes that last for 20 mins + is it to early to say that my operation was a failure or should I give it a couple more weeks / months. Feeling a bit lost. Any advice please

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  • I think that it's still early days for you. In your position I would review the situation at the end of summer. You will then have to decide whether or not you can live with the situation. You may need another ablation, you may find that you can cope with symptoms or you may be relatively AF-free.

    Two years post-ablation I now have occasional mild AF which I can control with a 100 flecainide tablet.

  • It took me eight months before I was sure everything had settled down. That you have improved QOL is good news though.

  • My experience is similar to Bob's. I had a short bout of AF exactly 1 week after the procedure followed by another just under the 3 month period. Then nothing until my 6 month review with the EP. He took me off my maintenance dose of Flec which I tried to do gradually, but I had a short blip just days after the appointment followed by another short episode a week or so later. So far so good, but get the occasional ectopic, but no AF, so try not to worry.......best of luck

  • It took 5 months for mine to settle down and then... nothing.. bliss. That was nov2013 and still af free. Wait a few more months and good luck 🍀

  • Can you work out what triggers the af. As had mine on Dec 16th and still on small dose of Bisoprolol 2.5mg. I am fine unless I drink even a couple of pints of beer can trigger mine. So have been having couple of pints of shandy or just one pint of beer and that seems ok but alcohol is the only thing that triggers my af now. Hope this helps. Mike

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