Here we go again!

Don't think I ever post negative stuff here - but this morning, after over 13 months of NSR, following a cardioversion, it all started up again. Very disappointed but not depressed - it wasn't going to be permanent anyway. So here I go again! I'm not sure of the best approach to get sorted again. Do I phone the hospital cardiology dept and get advice? Go to my GP and be queued up in the system? Take a trip to A&E for immediate attention? I will chew it over this weekend. Seems odd to be puffing and blowing and dizzy again......ah well! "Always look on the bright side of dum!"

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  • Hi Dadog - I'm sorry to hear your heart has gone back into AF. Is it beating fast or just out of rhythm? If beating fast I would go to A+E and hopefully jump the cardioversion queue. My AF nurses tell me that once a heart starts racing it has to be cardioverted within two days, or you may need a TOE (to check for blood clots behind the heart) or even worse have to wait 4-5 weeks with weekly checks on your INR which must be in the correct range each time. I've just come out of two months of tachycardia so can understand how you are feeling right now, but lucky you for having 13 months of NSR. You never know your heart may go back into NSR on it's own.

    Keep smiling.


  • I agree- go to A and E if you are feeling dizzy and get sorted out swiftly!! Good Luck

  • Thanks rosyG and JJ. It's more erratic that ultra fast, so not too concerned. Do get dizzy and breathless so will give A&E a visit on Monday.

  • Yikes, so sorry to hear... you are so wonderfully supportive to all, so it is good you came back for support when you needed it. If I were you, I would get the AF recorded so you can "Get back in line" again if needed. You can always say no to anything proposed but avoid a long wait! HOpe things calm quickly for you and it is just a momentary blip. TAke care

  • Thanks iris1205 and yes - I think I will take myself off to A&E on Monday and at least get things checked out. I might have gone earlier but; being Saturday eve, they will be busy with self inflicted ailments and injuries of people under the influence, no doubt! Grumble over....thanks again.


  • Hah, wise perhaps. Hoping Sunday is better.

  • Busy time of the yr for Aand E try ringing EP sec for advice. Sorry you out of NSF

  • Hi David, Sorry to hear you got your problems back. Personally, I agree with frills and I'd phone the cardio dept or EP's secretary as my first choice. But if I felt I needed A&E I'd go but I'd still phone the cardio dept.

    Good luck getting it sorted soon


  • Sorry to hear this dadog, A & E seems the best option to me as going through the GP you just get clogged up in the system. I know from experience, I have never come away from the GP satisfied, very little help. I actually don't think GP's are properly qualified in this area. Hope you feel better soon.


  • It's ok to be Depressed it's not easy living with AF. We all have down moments & that's ok. We just learn to live with it. We find away.

    Regards Rob.

  • Thanks for all those replies. I am going to ring a direct number that was given to me after the CV, on Monday morning. This takes me to the CCU which should be a good starting point.

    Yes, Rob, thanks for that. AF is such an up and down condition - almost seems you aren't making any progress at all, which can be a downer alright! I guess we can't expect 'progress' as such but more a steady and long term stabilisation would be the aim. When you feel that you might have reached that point - and then wake up one morning and 'pow!' you're back where you's a downer sure enough but also pick yourself up and start again time!


  • Hi David. Very sorry indeed to hear that the heart has flipped into AF. It must be a disappointment after having thirteen months free of this wretched condition. I really hope you get quickly sorted out tomorrow at A&E and enjoy a trouble-free Christmas, New Year and, likewise, the months that follow. Take care and all good wishes. Peter

  • Sorry to hear that Dadog, and as everyone has said you are so supportive to everyone else.

    Perhaps the Video/DVD (whatever the heck is the modern one) of the Life of Brian to cheer you up?, makes me laugh every time.

    Be well


  • Good idea, Ian! I'll look out a copy of Blazing Saddles....that should do it!

  • If you like sci-fi take yourself off to your nearest cinema and watch Interstellar, that will bend your mind so much you'll forget all about your AF

  • I got things sorted out a bit, this morning (in my head anyway). Phoned the Cardiology who couldn't be a lot of help and stressed what a long appointments list they had. They did say that there was no real point seeing GP as I was already in the system. I then phoned the number I was given by the CCU unit that did my cardioversion and got the nurse who actually did it. Very helpful. She said to drop in any time and they would do an ECG just to check what is happening. I'll do that tomorrow.

    I get the impression that if you are feeling bad or ill and have a rapid pulse, then you go to A&E - no question. Play safe. Otherwise get contact as close to the people that last treated you.

    Feeling pretty chirpy now so thanks for all your supportive comments everyone. Love you all!


  • Great news and what a sensible lady! That's one step in the right direction let's hope more follow.

  • Went to the hospital this morning and had to circulate three times before finding a parking space. This didn't help my BP in any way! However, everything went so well after that. No timed appointment, yet I seemed to be fast tracked to the ECG room by this wonderful nurse, who then took my unhappy looking ECG reading to a consultant for further advice on drug dosage. Bisop increased to 5mg and appointment made to see how things are next Tuesday - and to ring if any problems meanwhile.

    This, to me, (apart from the parking), is the NHS at its best. Get the right people and it can really work so well.

  • Glad it went well once you'd parked. Nice to be in the system, no doubt, and to have a phone number for advice.

  • Well...yes, adds just a little emotional security and confidence.

  • Well despite the results good to hear you are being well taken care of... keep us posted!

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