Bloated stomach with AF

Does anyone else get a bloated stomach with AF, it does not always happen but at the moment I look about 9 Month pregnant which would be a miracle as I am 70😆. This one came on suddenly sitting at a book launch, it is not too bad Kardia 138, but annoying as I have a meeting in London tomorrow. Hopefully I can sleep and it will go away again.

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  • Hi Gertsen,

    I have posted a bit on here in the last few hours and days, particularly to jeanjeannie on this very topic. So, the answer is yes - me, and many others. The common denominator is the vagal nerve which if irritated or inflamed by food can trigger the heart to misbehaving to different degrees in different people. The vagal nerve is a major nerve of the central nervous system (to keep it simples) which controls a wide range of organs but notably the heart and digestive system. Its like an 'information superhighway' between the brain and the heart and digestive system. When my AF was first diagnosed my trigger was prolonged sitting and bending. months later food became a significant issue and although my diet is now controlled I still have ongoing food issues. BUT no AF since April 2015.

    If you can't find my post to jean let me know and I'll find a copy.


  • Yes, the same with me. Some days I can fasten my waistband then up pops af and I need a looser look!

  • Thank you. Gone now 😊

  • Probiotics, L-Glutamine, betaine hydrochloride and digestive enzymes may help - all available from a health food shop. Or try reading one of Patrick Holford's books . . .

  • Yes, bloating is a digestive issue and digestive issues definitely affect my arrhythmia too. Eating anything, or even just swallowing water will raise my heart rate by 10 - 15 Bpm. When I told my cardiologist, she looked at me with a strange look that indicated it was odd. BUT, i researched it, and it is VERY common and related to the vagal nerve being stimulated or irritated as Carneuny posted above.

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