Thank you all

Thank you all for your very very kind wishes I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the support and lovely messages.

All over - back on ward.

Flat on my back now for another 6 hours.

Managed to get the nurse to give me my phone to send a message to my dear wife of 46 years.

All seems calm in the jam tart department. I have seen my EP but will tell more later in the weeK.

Thought I would post this message for those who worry about ablations as I now have a season ticket to the Cath Lab.

Remember I am one of the 20% for whom it doesn't work first time. 80% are successful and they don't need our forum and even if they join they drift off.

Now for more rest - don't worry Bob I will rest rest rest fot a couple of weeks. Lucky I didn't get the allotment I applied for last year.

Goodnight over and out.


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  • Pete how lovely to hear from you and glad this is over for you. Prayers for success for you and you are truly blessed with such a marriage :) take it easy xx

  • Good to hear from you Pete - keep well.

  • What an encouraging post and you just out of the cath lab. Well done and thank you for such a cheerful post. Hope you get a good nights sleep although hospital wards aren't known for being sleep friendly.

    Night night and again very well done.

  • good to hear you are safe and sound Take care

  • Hope all stays good take it easy

  • Great news Pete especially the resting bit.

  • Good news you even sound better!

  • Good to hear all went well Pete. Will be very interested to hear how you get on as I could possibly have a 4th ablation looming.


  • Great news and rest plenty x

  • Really good to hear- thanks so much for letting us know, Pete. Rest well :) x

  • Brilliant positive message. Well done and get well soon.

  • Great to hear from you Pete. Well Done and my best wishes.


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