Any views on the best value oximeter?

I have recently been doing simple deep breathing exercises several times a day as I believe it increases oxygen into the body thus helping all organs and I read it reduces cortisol (rises rapidly in the evenings for us males) and helps to make the body more alkaline.

I would like to buy not a state of the art but just a good value easy to operate oximeter and my first thought was to ask here. Any suggestions please?

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  • I had mine from amazon ana wiz or anapulse something like that I think it was about £18 pound does the job

  • Thanks Souljacs, I'll take a look.

  • Hi Orchardworker,

    Ana Wiz Ltd from Amazon, good quality and excellent reviews.



  • Thanks Barry, looks like Ana wiz it is.

  • No problem, glad to be of help.

    Best Wishes


  • What do you hope to achieve spending money on an Oximeter?

    Do you have a prescribed oxygen saturation level to maintain? If you fall below the saturation level what are you going to do? There can be a perception of breathlessness with a prescribed oxygen saturation level.

    I often think we have anxiety driven into buying machines and gadgets that have limited or no value.

  • Good cautionary point MtLsteven. I hope I am not falling into that trap. I just want to find out my normal level in the day, waking up in the night and the morning and after breathing exercises, which I have started recently and found beneficial.

    Action on a low reading might be more regular deep breathing and nasal strips/window open at night.

    I think, without going OTT, it is an important indicator, no surprise then that they always slap one on you when you go into hospital even for just a scan.

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