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So for the last 3 nights in a row I have had palpitations before bed. Have waken up to use the bathroom and had afib for an average of 30 min. I am taking metoprolol, losartan, apixaban, metformin, and sertraline. These occurrences happen exclusively at night and always after eating. No matter what I eat. Has anyone else had this happen to them and if so what was the solution?

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  • sounds as if you had vagal AF Try to have small meals, well spaced out. Make sure you have enough Potassium in diet and ask GP for a magnesium supplement. Sleep with a few pillows rather than just one or two- all these things have helped me with similar night time AF

  • Thank you. The more I know the better I feel.

  • Yep, I only get AF onset at night when asleep. EP etc do not believe that it is vagally induced.

  • May also want to get checked for sleep apnea if you are waking in the night with afib. Sleep Apnea will trugger afib

  • Is it cold where you are? There is only a brief winter where I live, (Qld Australia - bliss) but very frequently if I breathe in cold air on a night time visit to the loo it will bring on AF. Can you try keeping a scarf nearby and pull it over your lower face before getting out of bed? It helps me.

  • I have had more than 50% of my AF episodes start at night or on waking.

    I make sure I get out of bed very slowly and if possible lay still for a while first on waking.

    I also use "Breathright" nose strips to increase oxygen intake

    I have now gone 6 weeks without AF - best run for a year.


  • Look at Dr SNjay Gupta's posts on Vagal AF and try RosyG's excellent suggestions. Some EP's do not seem to recognize the difference.

  • I'm exactly the same.

    It doesn't matter what I eat, mainly just the volume. With even a normal-sized meal I get palpitations and maybe AF. I now graze all day and only have very small meals, almost child-size. If we go out for a meal, Imight have a starter and a pud, or just a small meal and no starter/pud etc. If I feel hungry during the day, I'll snack on something small so during the day I'm in a constant state of not hungry but never full.

    Main thing is, I stop eating before I start to feel full. Once I feel even slightly full, it's too late.

    Having said all that, because I know what's going to happen, it doesn't bother me if it does, so when faced with my favourite pudding, I eat it 🍧 and pay later 😃.


  • Thank you everyone. Not feeling alone in this is helping tremendously.

  • I find it helpful to belch out air during palpitations--it makes a huge difference and can stop AF before it starts,

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