I have had paroxysmal AF now for 3 years and have recently had my meds changed to Dronedarone and Apixiban. So far I have been fine but its early days so not sure whether these drugs are going to benefit me. I was wondering if anyone else has had any problems with Dronedarone as I don't know much about this particular drug. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated. By the way I was on Dabigatran before for 2 years but had to change as it cant be taken with Dronedarone.

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  • Dronedarone is not really a drug for long term use and, you will need regular liver function tests compared to the baseline reading taken before you started taking Dronedarone. I'm biased as I had a rare - 6 in 100,000 - reaction to Dronedarone and Amiodarone that put me close to death and threatened to damage my lungs.

  • I am not medically trained, but the print-out I am reading for Dronedarone which is a rhythm control drug states, "take with food, don't drink grapefruit, pomegranate, or grapefruit juice as it may cause dangerous side effects." Dabigatran is an anti-coagulant , so you changed to Apixaban.

  • Hi, I was on Dronedarone for just over a year and was changed back to Sotalol following a blood test that showed a problem with my liver figures. I agree although Dronedaron was great for my paf its not a drug that should be used long term. Also on Apixaban now which has made my life easier as only need blood test twice a year as opposed to nearly every week when on Warfare which was very unstable. BTW my liver figures returned to normal one I came off the Dronedaron. Hope this helps x

  • I've been on Dronedarone since May 2015 and I've had no bad effects from it, I just always make sure I take it just after food and stay away from grapefruit. I have regular liver function tests, monthly for first 12 months and now I'm on three monthly, my last one being last Thursday. Also just been prescribed Apixaban as I'm due for a cryoablation very soon.

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