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What check ups do we need regularly?

Hello all

I'm enjoying an incredibly relaxing 5 week holiday by the sea in sunny Fife and have found (surprise surprise!) that my AF has been negligible (despite having the kids with me lol).

I am on rate control and anticoagulant and feel fine. I do have AF for brief periods a few times a week but really just for a few minutes at a time. Totally acceptable in my view in terms of QOL.

I am now turning my mind more to living WITH AF rather than living in fear of it. One thing I was wondering about was what kind of tests should I be pushing for on an ongoing basis - assuming I continue to feel well? I.e. should I have an annual heart echo? I'm 49, no other health issues.

Thanks all!

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Strangely there is no NICE approved ongoing protocol for dealing with AF other than if/when the condition changes. Should the AF progress then of course you would then have to seek an appointment with your EP team to discuss what next.

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A nice. positive post - distraction, especially the pleasant sort, always pushes the AF away a little.

The only test I have scheduled is for renal and liver function annually as I take a NOAC, so if your AC is not warfarin, then annual testing is recommended.

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I would ask for a TOE to check if you have a ASD. I had AF at 49 with no other health issues but found a 22 mm hole in the septa.

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Yes, closed at age 50. It was one of the largest.


With holes and leaking valves it is not always (I was told actually quite often) it is difficult or almost impossible to hear. In May I was rushed into hospital and was there all week. On day 4 the ward registrar asked if I would be willing to be examined by the students he had as part of their practical examination since I have moderate to severe leakage in the tricuspid valve. However when he listened himself he could hardly hear it himself and he knew it was there. He said the students had almost no chance of picking it up and that most doctors would not be able to do so. He said that is why some people can have leaky calves and holes in the heart for years without it being picked up until an echocardiogram or MRI or other picks it up.


My GP practice also has annual 'Healthy Heart' check up. Bloods - kidney, liver functions - BP monitoring, height, weight with follow up appointment to discuss results with consultant nurse. Otherwise no follow-ups but they also know I self monitor BP, ECG, HR and I have supportive GP who will refer me in an instance if there is anything suspect.

I think that we need to be pro-active rather than reactive regarding our health and that means being body aware and taking some self response ability.

I do think the Annual GP Healthcheck should be the norm though for AFers.



As above my Gp has put me on a list for yearly checks around my birthday.

I also have an annual check of my pacemaker in my local hospital which is the norm

and they can tell me how many runs of AF I have had and how long they lasted, really interesting!


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