Relatives and vegetation

Two subjects for the price of one.

Still in hospital, still having cultures grown and waiting for the Trans oesophageal echo to check my leaking valves, although they are now pretty sure that I have vegetation growing around the valves which is causing the problem. (When they told me that I had a mental picture of broccoli!)

The medical term is Endocarditis which apparently is quite rare and difficult to diagnose as the symptoms are so similar to other complaints. I'm very lucky to be in such a good hospital with such clever and knowledgable support, even if most of them look like they should be in Primary School.

Thanks again so much for your good wishes and I'll keep you posted. Can't think what our house is like as every time I ask my husband where he has put something it's "on the dining table".

Next topic is one that I have already run past Finvola. I brought my Kardia into hospital, (not purposely, it was in my bag). Since it has always reported AFib every time I've used it I was curious during visiting one day to see how it reported a "normal" person, so tried it out on two young relatives. One was Normal and the other AFib! This lad has a thorough medical annually for his profession and says he has always been told that he has an irregular heartbeat but nothing to worry about. I didn't want to make a fuss at the time, but showed his trace to one of the doctors with whom I've become friendly, and he says it's difficult to tell without a full ECG, but it doesn't look like AFib to him.

Don't want to jeopardise the lad's career nor alarm him needlessly, and he does have strict medicals annually but I wouldn't like to think he was storing up problems for the future.

Very long winded, and I'm sure some of you are regretting that I'm now well enough to type. 😂

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  • Two answers here. Have you had dental treatment in the last six months? Infection from dentistry is a prime cause of Endocarditis I am told. I don't wish to alarm you but this may take quite some time to get on top of with different antibiotics so maybe your husband needs to buy a second dining room table!

    Regarding your relative (and this is purely my personal view) whilst I do understand your concern I urge you not to interfere. IF he is having regular check ups the people doing it must know what is going on. This is a case of a little knowledge etc etc and really this is up to him. I learned the hard way a while back not to stick my nose where it wasn't invited. Just saying .

    Take it easy now and concentrate on getting YOU better.

  • Thanks BobD , no, no dental treatment although I had an appointment for tomorrow to fix a missing filling. You're quite right about the timespan for administration of antibiotics. They have warned me that these have to be given intravenously over quite a long time but have suggested that, since I live close to the hospital, they may send someone daily to give injections. If that's the case it would be amazing.

    As for my Kardia reading, thank you for confirming my gut reaction and taking away my guilt 😀.

  • OK I didn't want to alarm you but when I was in Royal Brompton some years ago there was a young chap with Endocarditis from a botched wisdom tooth extraction and he was still there when I went for my post ablation check up. He was having a lot of his drugs via drip I think as I went up to the ward to see him when I was at OP appointment to try and cheer him up. Stir crazy didn't cover it!

    I do hope they can arrange home care and do ask for help if you need it. My wife is a carer and there are less worth people getting it I can tell you.

  • Now that I've stopped laughing at your thread title . . . . . it's good to hear that things are progressing, even if it is somewhat slowly but you're in a great hospital.

    Now wait for the inevitable question - 'where did you put xxx, I can't find it'. 😀

    Best wishes as always.

  • Good to hear from you. Hope to hear soon that you are home.

  • My daughter had an ECG after an accident and had a follow up because the paramedic was not happy, she was told she has a regularly irregular HB with some unusual features but not to worry. I am worried as she has reported some concerning incidents to me (we 'know' too much now!) but have to be very careful what I say.

  • Buffafly , yes, was torn between getting him to go to a cardiologist and saying nothing. BobD has allayed my fears and put my mind at rest, as has the hospital dr to whom I spoke. If he was never checked out it might be different but he has a dangerous, physically demanding job and I'm sure his employers and the overall body for his profession wouldn't take any chances.

  • Wishing you well your sense of humour through it all. Do keep us posted.

    Best wishes


  • Sending you good wishes and prayers for a speedy and smooth recovery. You are in the right place xx

  • We're very GLAD you're well enough to type :) That was a better read than my current so-called 'laugh-out-loud' book :)

    I echo all that's been said, and wish you better and home very soon.

  • So glad you still have your sense of humour even though you are still poorly. Hopefully it will all be sorted soon now they know what the problem is. Hugs xx

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