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Hybrid Ablation

Hi All,

I have just agreed my future treatment. My AF is probably caused by years of endurance exercise. I had very brief periods of AF while exercising for a couple of years, but which went undiagnosed. My diagnosis came when I went into Persisitant AF in February 2016, since when I have only had a couple of brief periods in NSR.

I have been admitted onto a clinical trial at the Northern General in Sheffield.

The study compares the effectiveness of a mini-maze procedure and an atrial appendage clamp, with two catheter ablations.

I have drawn the hybrid mini-maze and ablation and this should start with the mini-maze in 6-8 weeks. with the catheter ablation 3 months later.

I am very pleased with this, except for the requirement to be on amiodarone for the three months between the procedures.

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Sounds positive. Well done. Lest us know as and when please.


I had a hybrid ablation in October and December 2015. I was the fourth person to have it at that particular hospital. So far so good, I have been in rhythm ever since and came off Flecanide in July.

I developed AF in my 50's , I seem to be one of those people that have no known reason for starting with it.


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