Bisoplorol good or bad?

Your thoughts on Bisoplorol please

What kind of side effects are you having?

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  • Everyone is different but after a three week adjustment to it I have found it very good for me. I am on the maximum dose of 10mg a day

  • I've been on Bisoprolol 5mg a day for years now. It limits my heart rate, as intended, but I still do lots of walking without any problem. It does slow me down at times bit but I'd rather my HR was in check than not. For me I found that when my HR was high during exercise then it was more likely to trigger my AF, and when in AF my HR goes very high so I'd rather be on it than not.

  • I've just changed from taking it am to pm and feel a bit better during day in terms of tiredness

  • Hated it! Made me feel like a zombie at very low dose and came off it when it stopped limiting my heart rate after about 6 months. I now understand that many people who already have low resting heart rate struggle with beta blockers. I'm one of those endurance athletes who developed exercise related afib/aflutter, so probably atypical.

  • I was also an endurance sportsman, runner, swimmer cyclist kayaker until 13 years ago, aged 58 when radiotherapy for prostate cancer damaged arteries and left me with high BP. Resting HR was 45 until age 70 AFib end Jan 2017. BP Ave now 85/65 HR 72. On Apixaban, Bisoperol 5mg, testosterone gel. Livetra (for PC related erectile dysfunction) Beta blocker leaves me very lethargic counters effects of testosterone. AF 66% of the time. Cardioversion booked 1 June, if in AF.

  • This is a very personal thing I'm afraid. Many people do fine on it whilst others find the side effects intolerable. It is also worth pointing out that beta blockers are not appropriate for those with asthma as it will exacerbate their condition and there is a big question mark over its use in vagally mediated AF. As in all things AF trail and error is all.

  • Was fine for a long time on it. Just had to get the dosage right as resting heart rate would drop too low. Did cause dizziness and tiredness. For some reason after third ablation never as effective and dizziness and tiredness worse. AF drugs are like marmite - love or hate!

  • Thanks for your replies.

    Any one know what the the resting heart rate should be, mine can be as low as 49, this I picked up yesterday whilst wearing my fit bit watch. Saw my GP on Friday and checked with her that the watch was giving a correct reading, which it was, it was showing 58 then. I don't want to wear the watch on a daily basis as I don't think it's a good idea to become obsessed with your heart rate, although I am concerned that the Bisoplorol might be dropping the heart rate too much.

    I was diagnosed with AF just before Christmas.

    Was put on 5mg Bisoplorol once a day and Apixaban 5 mg twice a day.

    Bisoplorol dose changed to 2.5 mg 4weeks ago as I had some side effects very bad pains in my lower legs and strange cold feeling in left hand side of face going into the eye . l compare it to the feeling when you have an injection at the dentist. The leg pain is a lot better,but the sensation in the face remains the same

    Any of you had similar side effects, as I find the feeling in my face quite alarming and frightening.

  • Hi I was on Bisoplorol 2.5mg...and 5mg apixaban...I was diagnosed in November....I had to come off the Bisoplorol bad side effects...I had cold legs and feet and just couldn't function..I have asthma but they still put me on the Bisoplorol...not on it now thank god...

  • Sounds as if you are like me with a normally low resting heart rate. I dropped to 1.25 dose of bisoprolol which was better as 2.5 gave me nightmares and panic attacks. We are all different so maybe you need to chat to your gp again

  • I tried it, twice. I'm not able to tolerate it. Having said that, I'm not so good on nebivolol either.

  • Probably your other medicine is causing the problem. Just a thought as I found the new anticoagulants didn't agree with me. Be well Terjo

  • Hi Terjo

    Hope you don't mind me asking but what symptoms did you have on the anticoagulants, as I'm trying to find an answer to my side effects as the 2 GP's that I see seem to be unwilling to believe that the tablets are to blame.

    Thanks AUBY

  • Hi Slipware

    Do you mind saying what your symptoms were on Bisoplorol.

    Thanks Auby

  • Hi I began on 2-5mgs Bisoprapol and it really slowed me down,I kept falling asleep if I sat down!

    On 1-25mgs now - no problem!

  • Hi Annekw,

    I totally agree, there is a huge difference between a dose of 1.25 and 2.50mg Bisoprolol, as I was constantly dizzy on the latter. However, it doesn't prevent onset of A Fib but helps to quell the pro arrhythmic effects of Flecainide, at least that is the Cardiologist's viewpoint.

  • Hi A-U-B-Y

    I just felt ill and sick on the anticoagulant so went back to taking warfarin which I seem to have no trouble with. I'm a vegetarian so eat greens and lots of veg but monitor myself and have been steady between 2.2 and 2.5 inr for quite some time. I usually take 2.5mg of warfarin in the evening.

    Hope this is of some use to you, Terjo

  • Hi Terjo

    Many thanks for the info.

    Keep well. AUBY

  • I take 17.5mg Bisoprolol daily, plus sixteen other medications.

  • As much as I have found it makes me tired, and gives me odd neuropathy type symptoms (better now), I really like it better than Metoprolol. It does a much better job at keeping my heart rate lower, with fewer side effects. There are many other beta blockers and calcium channel blockers you could likely try if Bisoprolol doesn't work for you. My Father takes Atenolol and has had no problems with it. In fact , as it is not metabolized by the liver at all, it may offer fewer side effects. I have read that when a drug is metabolized by the liver (Metoprolol, and to a lesser degree Bisoprolol) it may cross the blood/brain barrier, and could cause a variety of CNS side effects including depression, anxiety, etc. Atenolol is processed by the kidneys. I had thought about trying it out if Bisoprolol hadn't worked out.

  • Do you remember where you read that?

  • Hi Nettecologne;

    Here is a study discussing the premise;

    It is an interesting read

  • Thank you, really interesting study. Do you also have something concerning the liver blood/brain thing you mentioned?

  • Hi!

    Sorry if the article wasn't clear... This article is actually talking about exactly this thing;

    "lipophilic beta-blockers have been shown, both in animals and man, to readily cross the blood-brain barrier in contrast to hydrophilic beta-blockers."

    Lipophilic beta-blockers = those that are metabolized by the liver

    hydrophilic beta-blockers. = those that are metabolized in the kidneys

    I don't particularly understand the mechanism by which this occurs, but interesting.

    The evidence is not definitive by any stretch, but , Anecdotally I did see a difference switching between Metropolol which is metabolized more by the liver and Bisoprolol which is evenly metabolized by both the liver and kidneys.

  • Thank you, that is just what I needed. The part about the lipophilic ones being metabolized in liver etc. That was not mentioned in the article I think. And I did not know that, so am very interested and grateful for you mentioning it.

    Might explain why I always did well on Sotalol (hydrophilic) as my liver is fatty and lazy and therefore dislikes additional meds.

  • Glad it was helpful :)

  • Horrible drug! Made me feel fatigued on and off all the time, couldn't drive too far or I would struggle to stay awake but it didn't help me sleep at night. Found concentration difficult and had no 'get up and go'.

  • I take 2.5 mg daily with No known side effects whatsoever,i have a healthy diet take regular exercise and don't smoke and drink alcohol in moderation.i keep hydrated by drinking at least 2 litres of sparking water each day....each and every medication affects us all in a different way

  • Hi I am on 10 mg a day for the last six months only down side is feel tired early evening ,other than that touch wood no side effects.Wish you well.

  • Bisoprolol gave me nightmares and depression. EP changed it to a different beta blocker. You mention 2 doctors but have you seen a specialist, an EP?

  • My experience was not good extreme dizziness and generally feeling unwell spent a lot of time in bed. Stopped taking it after 3 weeks

  • I have been on it for a year now, no problems I am on 3.75 a day.

  • I take Bisoprolol and it is working, however, it effects my sleep.

  • I've been on 2.5mg for a couple of years. I felt a bit grotty at first, but it has no side-effects for me: I do loads of exercise, and I haven't had a bout of AF in 2 years now, thankfully.

  • How lucky you are that bisoprolol has worked so well for you. Are you on any other drugs ? It would be very interesting to know if it was the bisoprolol and life style alone that made you AF free. Keep well Terjo.

  • I was on 2.5mg Ramipril until recently, but I've come off that as my bp is OK without it. I suspect that one aspect of why I haven't had any AF in a while is that I don't go running anymore, and cycle instead, which doesn't push my heart rate as high: I had about 18 months or two years when I was going in two AF every 3 or 4 months, sometimes for over 24 hours, but all except one of my bouts of AF came on in the wake of running! (Just one from cycling, after a particularly testing ride.)

  • Thank you

  • I was a zombie on it but found Nebivolol much better - though neither stop the AF but do slow my heartbeat from 90 to 75 even on a small dose

  • I am now on 1.25mg as my heart rate was 41 during the night and I was feeling very lethargic. I also get numbness in my face below my nose occassionally.

  • Hi Auby. I have been taking 2.5 mg of Bisoplorol for the past three weeks. I was very happy that it seemed to stop my palpitations and for the most part I feel okay, but often when I am walking I will get random feelings of dizziness and lightheadedness, whereas at other times I will feel fine. The past few days I have also felt as if my heart wants to break into palpitations, but it does not. Today when I sat down at my desk at work after having walked around, I felt faint. I am going to continue at this dose for another week or so and then go to see my GP for a review. I am not sure how long it takes for a person to adjust to Bisoplorol but I am willing to work with it because I am so relieved not to have so many palpitations which I have always found alarming and discouraging.

  • Taking 2.5 mil Bisoprolol now as was on 5mg per day as just felt strange and tired a lot of the time plus my eyes seemed strange at times and had no enthusiasm to do much, and had tum upsets more than previously. I am feeling more normal now on 2.5mil per day. Have been told by my doctor to stay on it until I see Consultant that did my Ablation later this month.

  • Sweating badly, shaky and aching limbs. Headache.

  • Thank you all for your replies.

    My eyes feel strange and cold, I also have a numb feeling in my cheek and around the eye on the left hand side of my face , due to see my GP this week to see what he has to say as this has been going on for weeks.

    Anyone know how long it takes for possible side effects to settle down



  • After Ablation in mid December 2016 I am still on 2.5 mg Bisoprolol. Which I think is making me feel weird and lifeless some days. Especially if I have done quite a lot the previous day. Been told by my GP to stay on it until I see Consultant that did my Ablation. My heart rate is quite consistent at around 70 Bpm. Would love to come Bisoprolol completely but bit nervouse after GP advised to stay on it. But sure Bisoprolol is what is making me tied and feeling weird some of the time ? Any advice would be welcome.

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