3 days after Catheter Ablation - Yikes!

I feel actually pretty good except when I lie down to sleep. I can't breathe very well. This is new. I can walk and when I'm up breathing is ok, but at night I haven't slept in 2 days. Feels like small breathing space, have to effort to breathe in over and over. I know I need to rest, and that makes me more nervous. I don't cough and I can't yawn. Calling Dr. today to find out what this is. Help. I'm Freddie I'm 80 and they say I have a 50% chance of this working. Rt. now I don't care, I just want to be able to breathe and sleep at night. Before this 4 months ago, I was a runner.

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  • Hi Freddie - I had the same chest soreness following my Cryo ablation 11 days ago and deep breathing was uncomfortable - I was told it was general inflammation from the procedure regular pain relief helped and after a few days it eased - I also found sleeping propped up on pillows helped. Good luck Cathy

  • I would say this is normal inflamation but why not call the team who did the ablation and speak to them. .I know the feeling right now as I have several cracked ribs!

  • For sure call them and tell them of this on how to deal with and what to look for and at what point to go to emerg. Otherwise try to rest and find the best position to sleep better. I'm on day 4 and use a wedge pillow on my mattress to alivate my buddy and that help me a little.

  • I have the same problem after two years I'm still going to the doctor to find out what is wrong

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