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I have had AF and diabetes for the last twelve years (now 75 hrs old). I was diagnosed with heart failure last July and have been put on two new drugs to protect my heart. They are Eplerenone which caused a big rise in my Potassium level and I am now on half the dosage -problem solved! The other is Ivabradine (Procoralan) which has caused me to have ectopic beats and "fluttering". My cardio has asked me to persist with Ivabradine as he wants to reduce my heart rate to 60 bpm instead my usual 85/90 bpm.

Does anyone have experience of these drugs please?

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I've not heard of these drugs, I'm on a beta blocker to reduce heart rate.


Thanks Slipware. I have been on 5mg Bisoprolol for several years but it hasn't tamed my heartbeat! I think Ivabradine is a relatively new drug and, at the moment it has reduced my average heart rate down to 80. Still a long way from the target level but an improvement.

Thank you so much for taking the trouble to reply and I hope you are keeping well


Hi Bridges4;

I can't say I know anything about Eplerenone, but I do know a little about Ivabradine. It is a relitavely new drug, used to lower heart rate and blood pressure on those with heart failure, or those intolerant to traditional beta blockers. It acts differently from traditional beta blockers and calcium channel blockers, as it acts on an area called the "funny channel" ( not kidding, a real thing!).

It is also being used in people with IST ( innapropriate sinus tachycardia) as it lowers both the resting and active heart rates better than a traditional beta blocker.

Hope is helps :)


Thank you jfib. I will speak about this with my cardio when I next see him. I like the fact that it acts on both blood pressure and heart rate. Take care

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I do find it interesting though, as Ivabrafine is not normally used on people with Afib, since it's predominant use is to control rates of NSR by acting on the sinus node. However, I'm sure your doctor has a reason for using it. Not a bad idea to ask, for sure :)


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