Permanent AF ?

I seem to be stuck in permanent AF for a week now

The doctor doubled my bisoprolol last Monday to 5mg per day

This has lowered my HR to 50/60 BPM which has improved as it was around 98 BPM

But still in AF

I go back to see GP a week on Monday , he didn't seem so concerned and said 98 BPM. isn't too bad which I understand

But my heart is still irregular

Does anyone have permanent AF ? Which has a low HR

Am getting worried as it's not settling down

My two previous very fast episodes (160) BPM settled down after 24 hrs

I am on warfarin and various other BP meds just wondering what will happen next if it doesn't settle.

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  • When do you next see your EP or cardiologist? GPs are not always trained to the correct level to treat AF in a satisfactory way.

    Whilst 98bpm may not be overly fast it will tire you out long term and some attempt should be made to revert you to NSR in my view.

    That said you are not in permanent AF until a cardioversion fails to put you back into NSR so you have a long way to go yet so don't worry too much. If your GP will not do anything then ask to see your EP asap as it really isn't good to be left like this.

  • Many thanks bob, I go back to see my GP a week on Monday,so will see what happens,I will ask to be referred and hopefully he will

    Yes I am feeling drained with light headedness . something's amiss this time

  • Don't wait till Monday week!

  • Hello baba,I think I'll go Monday if no better.

  • My doc says 24 to36 hrs then go to ER and have a CV

  • Hi Js. You need to see your GP and ask for referral to hospital, preferably an electrophysiologist or at least a cardiologist. Because your heart rate is so low the a&e generally won't help unless hb over 90, however long its been going on.

    Have you got a cardiologst or have you been treated via gp only?

    Also, are you on any anticoagulation?

    My expereience, and as Bob says, AF can't be treated by a gp. They don't know enuff about it.

    Be referred asap.

    Be well


  • Hi jsheard

    As Bob says, permanent means incurable, I think rather you mean persistent 24/7 but it will go back (with help if necessary) Yes I have been persistent for 5 years or so, low heart rate in the 70s, but if this is new to you you have to get to see an EP ASAP. Your GP cannot treat this.

    Be well


  • I am permanent. I would not be relaxed at 98 HR. Bisoprolol alone will not control your rate, it is for your BP. Do you know what your daily BP is?

    As stated by others, you need an EP referral, you need to understand what your HR and BP is doing on a daily basis, keep a log. Get back to your GP and let him run for you. Current NHS guidelines, Scotland, are for rate control, as a preference on rhythm. I am on Digoxin for rate, Bisoprolol, on BP. Word of warning. I control, with my GP, my drug level. I was at 118/68 BP, rate 72. However, I am on very high levels of meds, and not happy. I tried to lower my intake last week, because I was really not feeling well. Very tired, metallic taste in mouth, nauseous, dizzy. I reduced my Digoxin to 250mg, however, I went into a pretty severe condition. BP shot up, HR went over 110, heart bouncing all over the place. So, I put it back up to 350mg, all has calmed down. Problem I face, my condition is currently being controlled by meds, very evidently, which is a concern for me. Started magnesium this week......the message, take control, but be proactive, and truly understand your condition. Best of luck..

  • As I understand it Bisoprolol is NOT for BP control but is for HB control but one of the "side" effects in many people is that their BP does drop a bit but that if they need BP to be dropped then another medicine is used.

  • Thanks Peter, my HR could not be dropped or controlled by Bisoprolol, but my BP could. My EP then teamed up the Biso dose with Digoxin, which, combined, gets me to the perfect My rhythm is quite bizarre and unique, and they have decided to leave that well alone...

  • Hi ......I also have permanent or persistant was first discovered 8th May 2015 had a sinus infection GP wouldn't give me antibiotics but 5 days later was back and yes now needed antibiotics but both cardio and GP think infection caused the afib was perfectly fine before that.....silent asymptomatic permanent af with no other problems bp 120/76 heart rate ranges 50-80ish .....I am on pradaxa 150mg twice a day and sotalol 40mg morning and 80mg nite time and I only know when I take an Alivecore reading that sometimes I actually go into NSR but I am no different to when I am in Afib ......I know that if you dont have a Pwave you are in afib......and like you it just wont go actually looking to find another cardio/ep for second opinion but from what I read and have been told they prefer to leave my type of afib on meds. My Chads....score is 1 (female) but take the anticoagulants after the very scary grim reaper stroke talk from my GP not worth the risk.

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