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EP at last

Hi all I've felt really rough over the last few weeks and it all came to a head yesterday when I had massive palpitations and my pulse rate went through the roof and I felt really faint.

Managed to get in to see my gp today and they performed an ecg which came back normal but they were very reluctant to change/adjust my meds as my paf has yet to be accurately recorded and what didn't help was the fact I was very anxious and upset with the whole thing.

After seeing the dr I chased my cardiologist for an appointment in the near future rather than 6months away and he actually said as I'm suffering with a lot of palpitations and side effects that he was going to refer me on to an EP. I've been asking for a referral for months as in his words my heart is as clean as a whistle and structurally sound so hopefully this might shed some light on the gremlin that is paf

He also change my meds from verapamil which he suspects don't get on with me back to sotilol.

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hope you get some good advice now- do go to A and E if you feel ill- they can capture what is happening at the time.

Let us know how you get on

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You really should get your own personal ecg (several are available at low cost though one seems to dominate) so you get a recording of it happening as it sounds like its fairly intermittent and the EP won't have much to go on


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