Not sure what is going on?

Hi all i have PAF i keep getting what i could only describe as flutters or feelings in my chest not as strong as palpitations, but they make my pulse weak most of the time and my head swim,and feel breathless i am no longer on any meds been of them for 4 weeks as cardiologist wants me to have a AF attack so he can see what is going on, but not sure if that is what is going on.

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  • Sounds like PAF to me. Trouble is we all experience it at different levels.


  • Thank you for your reply Bobd only problem i have is when i get to a&e the ecg don't pick up AF so a bit stuck as what to do.

  • That's exactly what I get (without drugs). It's not AF in my case, as far as we can tell, the docs/EP's have just said I get extra beats, a lot of them. You feel my pulse and there's almost nothing there, then an occasional bump, then back to a just a faint pulse, all over the place.

    I got my fluttering/wobbling any time but always after eating a meal and always when lying down in bed. I got used to ignoring it but had to take things very steady.

    Hope it results in a good bit of info for your cardio.


  • Also sometimes i feel really shaky and unwell so not sure what that is.

  • I think it is because of the AF- I have experienced similar feelings and they showed up on 5 day rate monitor as short runs and extra beats. The EP said it was the extra electrical impulse trying to start up but fortunately didn't get as far as AF

  • Thank you for your reply

  • Dear kazzyr, my EP consultant recorded my heart rate over a two week period and that seemed to give him the information he needed about my heart rhythm. I had to record the time and write down the symptoms I had over the 2weeks which was trying at times, but I stuck with it as I felt grateful the medical team were trying to help me. I have experienced symptoms similar to those you describe, although I have only been a bit short of breath on physical exertion. I do wish you well.

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