New pills after cardiologist appointment

Went to see my cardiologist today for a check up re my PAF and whilst I was there they did an ecg which as usual came back totally normal. As the nurse doing the echo said "yours is a tricky one as when your here your heart is behaving itself".

The cardiologist then went through my meds and said he was taking me off of Sotilol and putting me on to verapamil hydrochloride as he had a suspicion that sotilol was giving me a few side effects that I had mentioned to him.

This condition is a nightmare as whenever I've been tested or have a event recorder on its normal, it's getting me down as I seem to be going round in circles with appointments and different tablets. !!!!!

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  • Have you thought about getting a kardia a lot of people on here have one and maybe then you can catch your AF and email your results to your cardiologist.

  • Thanks I'll look into it

  • Sotalol is no longer recommended in the uk for af, so probably a good idea to change

  • I just worry what the new pills will do to me. Side effects etc.

  • I would sugest a Kardia if you can get one it's the most valuable thing I have bought

  • What is a Kardia? I've never heard of one

  • It is a small device which fits over your smart phone or works for with your iPad and works with an app you download. It will take your ECG, record it and file for records, you can then print it out, email it to your EP or collect them until you see your doctor.

    AF does take some getting used to, but you do adjust in time. The secret is to become knowledgeable so you are not misled (many GPS and some cardiologists are not always up with the latest thinking - good example is Sotolol for lone AF!).

    It was only when I joined this forum I started to learn and then was able to return to Doctor and have a reasonable, rational discussion rather than come over like an hysterical woman, which I sometimes felt like because without the evidence I felt as though I wasn't believed.

    Start with the AFA (atrial fibrillation assosicantion) website - information booklets to down load on all subjects AF.

    Best wishes CD


    Available on Amazon

  • Kardia have a special offer on their site at the moment. £79 instead of £125 on Amazon.

  • Just bought a Kardia, and yesterday managed to "catch" AF it only lasted a minute the next one I did came back as normal. I never realised that the weird feeling which lasts for a moment could be AF, so pleased I tried - worth a buy. I paid £79 plus VAT.

  • Can you tell me how you felt when in AF? I am one who has never been aware of the AF and am not sure how it would feel. I do get tight chested and bloated usually because of indigestion problems but my monitor never picks up on anything at the time. Maybe I need a Kardia.

  • Normally I feel like a jump in my chest and my pulse goes haywire and then it can last for hours. Sometimes just feel a bit like a missed beat and it goes away again.

    Touch wood, I don't have very bad symptoms mostly, I normally go for a walk and that can put me back in to NSR.

    I do often get bloated before I get AF.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks

  • PM INSTRUMENTS have it on sale even cheaper!

  • I just bought it from PM instruments

  • Ordered mine 13th so should be here soon!

  • Yes, mine just took a couple of days.

  • Have you got a Alivecor device from Kardia. I use it to monitor when I have symptoms and send through to my care team. I can then check and present an ecg reading whilst having symptoms. Hope this helps

  • I had the same problem for quite a few years. Bad palpitations but Holter, EKGs and stress tests would come back negative. I felt like you did, discouraged and exasperated. I stopped going to the doctor about it and tried to ignore the symptoms. It took a full blown AFib attack requiring cardioversion for my PAF to finally be diagnosed and for my palpitations to be treated. I am sure that we are not the only people on this list to have had similar experiences.

  • I have had mine for over two years. I don't use it as much as I use to it but it gives me peace of mind. I can check if I am in AF any time I need too.

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