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Low immune system

It seems to me that I suffer a lot more with cold/flu type symptoms since having AF. Has anyone else noticed this since suffering with AF or is it just me? It could simply be down to doing a lot less exercise and being tired a lot more but I just wondered if anyone else noticed this, or is it a known fact that it actually does lower your immune system?

Thanks in advance


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I am in perm. AF and had it for c 10 years. At first I was tired but then found outI had a complex thyroid condition,not rae, even in men. It took about 3 years to get this sorted out followed by a hole in the heart procedure. Since then then I am quite 'bouncy'. So look for other problems apart from AF which may be adding to the mix of why you feel tired and have less energy.


Had fewer colds since AF but then again I no longer travel to work on public transport!


Since I have been on flecanide my neutrophil count (shown in a blood test) is intermittently low. It is not a cause for concern as it keeps returning to normal but during those times I am certainly more prone to getting colds etc. Are you on any meds? If so it could be them affecting your immune system. Also if A.F. is causing you stress that could also affect your bodys ability to fight off bugs. Im not medically trained so just opinions. X


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