Importance of taking beta blockers on time!

Maybe telling you guys how to suck eggs but this was lost on me.

I've been on Sotalol for 25+ years and in that time nobody told me to take my meds regularly every day. I take them morning and night. I thought it was just a case of keeping the drug 'topped up'. Similar to another drug I am on permanently.

However after an episode eighteen months ago this was pointed out to me and I have since taken them religiously at 7 o'clock morning and night. I have to say the difference was remarkable with far fewer attacks!

Apologies if this obvious to readers 🙂

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  • Hmm, that's interesting. I must say if I ever forget to take my Flecainide and Metoprolol I'm reminded that I haven't by my heart making itself known. I just become aware of a different beat.


  • Best thing I ever bought is a Fitbit HR.

    Not only has a very accurate heart rate monitor but also a vibrating alarm to remind me to take my meds!

  • Interesting, that's the one I'm considering getting.

  • I am considering buying a fitbit. Can you tell me how many alarms can be set in a 24 hour periodHour

  • You can set as many alarms as you want afaik

    No audible alarm just vibrates. It's great as it also works as my alarm clock

  • this is spot on I have been af free for five years after two ablations, I have had two episodes in the last 3 months and both my fault I after 5 years forgot to take my metoprolol before gong to work, my own stupid fault but I had to be cardio-verted both times and went straight back into sinus rythym

  • When the EP stopped all my meds 18 months ago, it took a full fortnight before I was back on an ambulance. I was beginning to think I didn't need them after all.

  • Is it ok to take the Bisoplorol 2.5 one a day at 7pm instead of 7am

  • Hi A-U-B-Y

    I spoke with a Pharmacist about the same question on 2.5 mg Bisoprolol and agreed

    could take it in evening instead but as i am not medically qualified i would drop a line to your GP on how best to do this and could also ask a Pharmacist what the difference would be in an PM dose rather than AM.

    I know there is a possible reason to take it AM

    but have forgotten !

    From taking Bisoprolol PM You can have vivid dreams sometimes

    and cold feet but it's all individual to each person.

    Good Luck.

  • Hi Advice 1 Thanks for the advice, will speak to the pharmacist. Anyone having nagging pain I the legs due to the Bisoplorol.


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