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HI, I have just left hospital, taken in last night with af kept all night and cardio verted this morning into sinus rhythm you make think this is good news I have been free of af for approx. 5 years since ablation no 2 but in November and again yesterday it returned, each time I had not taken my meds ( metropolol, rampiril, omeprazole and bendroflumenthiozide ) but when cardioverted went back into rhythm including today

what I'm scared about is that I have now had my metoprolol doubled and have had amiodorone and apaxiban added

I don't have any history with this hospital or cardiology dept has anyone got any advice or do I just trust there judgement please

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Hello Derek, sorry to hear that you are having a difficult time and that you are not very confident with the medical advice you have been given. This is difficult for us because we are not medically trained and it would be very unwise to advise on what should or should not be prescribed. Your medication suggests that you may have high blood pressure so it's good news that you are anticoagulated using Apixaban. Obviously it's good news that you have been successfully cardioverted and we must assume that the increased dosage of metoropol and introduction of amiodorone is to keep you in rhythm. I guess a lot depends on whether or not a follow up appointment has been scheduled to monitor progress. Unless I misunderstood, you seem to be saying that the two occasions you went back into AF, you had not taken your medication which if true, raises the question why would you do that.

Others I'm sure, will have some useful advice, but I think it would NOT be a good idea to ignore the medical advice given, but it would be good to ensure you have a follow up appointment. I hope this helps, and that you remain in rhythm.


THANKS just forgot them that simple and stupid


It happens to the best of us, I didn't mean to cause offence!


none taken

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Sorry things have taken on the shape of a pear, but you are back to normality again. You are five years older and perhaps more at risk, and our needs change with time, so it could be appropriate to add more medication. Apaxiban will give you some protection from a stroke and it's not going to change your lifestyle too much. My other half has an alarm set to remind me about my anticoagulant (which is one-a-day rivaroxaban) and I put my medication in a pillbox so I can always check what I have (or haven't) had.

It might be well worth your while, if you are in the UK, making a private appointment with an EP to get a prompt review of your situation and the medication. I'm no expert and as John says we should not advise but perhaps amiodorone could be seen as jumping in at the deep end. I'm sure someone else will have more informed comment to make.


I took Amiodarone for 3 months after cardioversion to keep in rythym while heart settled. Should be monitored long term. Also take Apixaban twice daily to give stroke protection plus Bisoprolol for blood pressure & rate control. Your meds sound reasonable to me but make sure you have a three month review.


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