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Workings if flecainde

Placed on flec 50x2 12/2015. No episodes for one year. Gall bladder removal 10/28. Then note afib episodes every six weeks. 2/3 had a uti, stomach virus and dehydration. Afib episodes everyday forv3 days, had to take 300 mgs to get back in nsr. Cardiologist feels flec isn't working, but it's still helping me. Has anyone experienced this, so far 7 days in nsr taking 100x2.

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Flecainide may eventually cease to work for you. In my case it lasted for 20 years, after which I had to have an ablation. This was successful so I no longer need Flecainide. Sometimes the AF will progress more quickly. It may be worth you considering ablation while it is more likely to be successful. Please read up on the AFA website.



Thanks Peter I was hoping it would help me for more I'm visiting an EP 3/1 to ask for one


When we are unwell for other reasons, the medication often seems to be less effective, but may be fine again once we have thoroughly recovered.


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