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catheter ablation 11 days ago and won't to know will it be safe to fly 5 weeks after.


Hi everyone, had a catheter ablation 11 days ago, i have been feeling pretty flat with not much energy. I have walked around the block a few times and I'm trying my hardest to get my energy back as i don't like feeling like this. Just wondering if I'm feeling ok in 4 weeks will it be ok to fly, i will be on the plane 6 hrs.. I just need a holiday after all off this.

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I cannot see a problem with flying at all. Just don't over do it like climbing mountains or marathon running lol!

It's a major procedure that you've had so the body needs time to recover.

Enjoy that well earned holiday 😊

sues_c in reply to tibetan36

Hi tieetan,

Thanks for the reply, i do hope i feel up to going overseas as its a big family get together, i will talk to my doc and see if there is something i should take for flying purposes, and believe me there'll be no climbing mountains or marathon running for me, lol, just relaxing and taking it easy.

Annaelizabeth in reply to sues_c

We are all different, I was given all clear to fly fortnight afterwards.

to be quite honest - no !

I had my ablation 33 months ago and the one place I don't feel at all well is at altitude on a plane. Obviously everyone is different but you don't want to find you are one of them 1 hour into a flight. Holiday is a good idea though but find somewhere near home.

No problem with flying - people fly 24 hours after ablations. I flew 7 days after ablation and absolutely no problems. Why do you think it could be a difficulty?

sues_c in reply to CDreamer

Hi CDreamer,

really I'm not sure, i spoke to a heart nurse today only over the phone and she don't know me but she said it didn't sound like a good idea, which has done nothing but stressed me out all day. Was your flight long or short and did you need to take aspirin or any meds for flying..

CDreamer in reply to sues_c

Numerous, 3 hours 7 days after ablation, 18 hours was the longest about 3 months later. Apart from normal jetlag on the longer distance flights and time difference adjustments it is no different from being at home - better if you are on holiday and relaxing!

What specifically is your concern?

If you are on anti-coagulants you do NOT take aspirin, and I assume you will be? For a while at least.

I checked with my EP who said as long as you recovered after sedation (or GA if you had that) there is no reason not to fly if you feel well. He had patients who flew in for ablation from many countries and flew home a few days later.

Always make sure you keep very well hydrated, that is you major risk factor - think about drinking about 2 x normal water intake and water - not alcohol, sugary drinks, tea or coffee.

Ask for airport assistance if you don't feel able to walk long distances you need to do in most airports these days - then you won't worry about getting to the gate etc, stress and de-hydration will be your main triggers when travelling.

sues_c in reply to CDreamer

no I'm not on any medication at all, the dr just said to stop taking beta blockers straight after the ablation and he'd see me in 4 months, its scary really and i feel terrible atm and was lead to believe that i would be full of energy a week after ablation, this is fustrating and i feel so bad, no energy, and praying to god i pick up as i really need this holiday, svt has ruled my life for so long.


Miss-leading comments are not helpful regarding recovery. It takes at least three months for full recovery so you will take a while to feel normal again for sure. In four weeks I am sure you will be feeling much stronger and there really is no reason why you shouldn't fly provided that you take all normal precautions such as staying well hydrated and making sure that you wear flight socks etc. What I do not understand is why you have stopped anticoagulation as this is very unusual. It is normal for this to be continued for at least three to six months post ablation if not for life. Why not write to your EP's secretary and flag up these concerns? They will not mind and it should put your mind at rest. Remember that many people return to work in two weeks or less although maybe not manual work.


Haven't a clue medically, but I went to Seville (from the UK) 2-3 weeks after my RF PVI ablation and it was not a problem.


PS. My drugs were also stopped a few days before my ablation and I then stayed off them, that is with the exception of anti-coagulation, which I'm on for life. My ablation worked very well without any beta-blockers or rhythm drugs.

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