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when is it safe to drive after ablation


Hello again, this is day 8 now after my cryoballoon ablation (4 veins) I was wondering when it is considered reasonably safe to drive, I seem to be doing really well, and just pottering around at the moment with some rests in between. Does stretching effect the healing? like putting car into gear (manual drive). I used to do 30 mins exercise every day before the ablation, including TaiChi (is there information anywhere that it says don't move your arms too much?)

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ultramarine in reply to Hidden

Thanks Happyjo, There was nothing about this on my discharge notes it just said don't lift anything at or above 5kgms. They only went in at one groin side, ( the right side) which is my accelerator side, not the clutch side. I have no discharge or bleeding at present, and had slight bleeding on day one only. It does have some small red welts, and its itchy which could mean its on the mend. I never thought about the groin area being a problem thanks

BobDVolunteer in reply to ultramarine

DVLA rules in UK is actually 48 hours but hospitals usually say a week. If you had GA that is the least I would want.

My consultant said a MINIMUM of one week. The arrhythmia nurse said 10 to 14 days. One of them (I think it was the nurse) said the key is could you do a full blown emergency stop? That requires slamming on the brake and the adrenaline rush that comes with an emergency stop. In fact I have an automatic so the clutch was not an issue but in any event there wasn't an insertion into the left groun anyway.

Thankyou Bob and Peter I will wait for the two week mark, but I was getting stir crazy at home and wanted to spread my wings again.

cali111 in reply to ultramarine

You could go by taxi. That what I plan to do after my ablation - if it ever arrives!

ultramarine in reply to cali111

Thanks cali, I went by taxi in Sydney from the hospital and to the airport, because it was so far away, cost a bit but was well worth it. I could do this again locally, if I back off, but I think I want to try this its a a step towards freedom again. I hope your ablation goes well if and when it arrives.

I had GA they went in right groin and I was told in writing 7 days.

That is just what I did and had no problem like you I was getting 'cabin fever' from resting.

However as I always say we are all different and you should listen to your body.

Hope things are all going well otherwise.


Thanks Pete, I will do a little more in the house and garden to get up to speed in the next few days before I tackle the driving to see if the groin area likes it. I am very well at the moment so I hope this continues.

I had sedation and wasn't given any guidance on driving. I left it 48 hours and then tried it out including practising emergency stops. It was fine, so the following week, 7 days after the ablation, I did a long drive to the north of England for work.

I wouldn't have done that had I had a GA though.

Thanks MarkS you did well but as you say could have been different with GA, you were probably gearing up for work and were wondering how you would cope. I seem to be ok even with GA as I flew home with my son on the 2nd day, and walked around at the airport etc. I did check the groin area a few times and that was clear too. The GA eventually wore off around the 4th day, and my strength was pretty good on the 5th day. Still checking the groin area but that seems OK too. I am planning a short trip in the coming week, and will do short stints of exercises nothing too strenuous, just moving the body around, at 76 thats about my style anyway.

My driving licence was revoked 6 weeks before my ablation,because of pre syncope ( came close to passing out) I'm now 3 weeks post ablation with no dizziness & Dr has given me the all clear to apply to get it back. DVLA will no doubt contact my EP & GP for confirmation. If you have no dizziness or groin pain you should be fine to drive after about a week.

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