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I'm contemplating if I should have an ablation done or not. I'm needing some advice.


Hello everyone, I was diagnosed with AF

(Atrial Flutter) back in November 2016. I was given Metroplol 25mg to be take twice daily with 81 mg of aspirin to take daily. My last tachycardia was December 23rd because I forgot to take my Metroplol the night before. I seem to be doing well the medication since my cardiologist got me on the right does. I occasionally have some shortness of breath and dizziness. But nothing like I was before the medication. I'm so thankful I'm not experiencing any tachycardias. From time to time, I'll feel my heart skip beats or start to race a little but my heart beats per minute does not pass 90 seconds. I get an occasional fatigue spell. But for the most part, I feel great. I've met with an EP doctor who said I was a canindate for ablation. But I'm struggling to decide if I should get it done even though it seems my medication is controling the rapid heart beats. Should I get this procedure dideven if Meds are working? Say if I don't, will my symptoms get worse? What would y'all do in this situation?

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I had a similar experience and I went on the AF register in 2012. As a retired nurse my knowledge got in the way of possible complications plus my father passed away undergoing an angiogram (20yrs ago) - there were lots of things blocking my decision to go ahead with CA procedure.

I came to terms with everything in my past and chose to go ahead with the procedure. My Cardiologist explained everything about the procedure.

I had my cardiac ablation last August and I've been in Sinus rythym since. On hindsight I wish I had done this sooner. I'm still on Warfarin and Atenolol and have a review in May this year to determine which drugs I will be on in the future. Had I been younger than my 64 years I would have been taken off warfarin to go back on again at 65 ( some gold standard for people undergoing cardiac ablation).

I may need another cardiac ablation in the future but won't hesitate this time to go ahead.

Best Wishes in choosing your way forward.


for most people it will only get worse so you'll need more meds to control it. I had the ablation and have never regretted it

Making that decision when you are not that symptomatic is more difficult than if you are but Mags is right, most people find that AFl & AF tend to be progressive and the sooner the ablationis performed the higher the success rate.

I have had 2 ablations for AF, which is more a more complicated procedure than for AFl and RF takes much longer. There were some complications but I survived them and in the end am far better for having them and completely drug free - which for me was the biggest aim as I didn't wish to be reliant on drugs QOL for the rest of my life.

If you have been offered one then if I were you, I would accept, go on the waiting list, research as much as I could about the procedure, the EP, the hospital and the complications.

But I am not you and only you can make that decision, just be sure you make that decision with your own knowledge and intuition rather than rely on other people's opinions, although it is good to explore differing viewpoints to help you decide.


If as it seems you are currently suffering atrial flutter then get that ablation done asap before it converts to fibrillation. Flutter ablations are much easier and quicker than PVI for fibrillation and may prevent further progression.

RaquelP in reply to BobD

Hi BobD,

Does atrial flutter truly turn into Afib? My cardiologist said if medication is working to calm my symptoms then I should only consider the ablation if I don't like taking medication for the rest of my life. Another think thats hindering me from having an ablation, are some of the post I'm reading about people who have had it and are still having complications and are still on medications. This is such a hard decision to make. 😐

I started with afib 10/2015. Medicine flec worked for a year. I decidedvno ablation. To date my afib is eradicate and I never know when it is going to appear. Go for ablation,

Thank you all for the advices. I sincerely appreciate it. I will make an appointment with my EP doctor one more time just to revisit this issue and make a decision there after. I'll keep y'all posted. Oh I'm only 44 years old. Do y'all think at my age I should get it done without ablation? Both my doctors ( cardiologist and EP) keep telling me I'm too young. Although I feel old physically. Lol

The atrial flutter ablation is pretty easy procedure. I had one in July 2016. Just need short time off from work and felt much better. If you don't have afib having the ablation now may prevent further progession.

Go for it! I put it off for five years and I am still annoyed that I put up with all the worry, drugs, visits to A&E, etc. Since my PVI cryoablation two years ago, I've had 2 very brief AF attacks.

Get the ablation done as soon as possible. It might get worse.

👍 thank you for your comments.

My advice would be go for the ablation I had my first in July and felt great for 6 months but unfortunately my AF has come back. I'm booked for my second ablation on 24 March. I was aware that ablation doesn't always work first time. I will do anything to stop the AF as tablets do nothing for my AF.

Best wishes if you go forward with it.


RaquelP in reply to hirwaun

👍 thank you.

Hi Raquel, I'm in AF permenant & Im coping with it. I'm on no Medication & feel great lots more energy it's the Meds that make you feel tired & lethargic all the time. I'm only on blood thinners. I've personally decided not to have the Ablation ?????????

Let's know how you go

Good luck with your decision.

Cheers. Rob Australia. xx

I'm thinking Cardio Version for me. I know people who have had that done & are free of Af for years. I'm going down that path & it's not invasive. Cheers.



My message to anyone offered an Ablation, is go for it now! My experiences were during the development of Ablation techniques and they only got better and will continue to improve as time goes by. My last one was approximately seven years ago and no problems.

Good Luck and Health.

roshrom in reply to Hidden

i do not understand the NEED for TOXIC Beta Blockers and BLOOD thinners after procedures.

NY desire to do PROCEDURES is to NOT have to do the toxic medications, and use natural rermedies for the rest of my healing.

Why are there no conversations on NATURAL remedies that I know MD's hate but that WORK! per some friends.

MD's hate natural remedies as there are NO PATENTS on NATURAL things as they are NATURAL, so lots of $$$ cannot be made from them---hence limited studies on them.... but WHY support BIG PHARMA?

and all these Natural side effects.

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