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Two weeks ago I had a appointment with my ep all seemed to go well, he put me in for ablation (urgent) 7 month waiting list.referred me to a sleep clinic , questioned why I was not on blood thinners and then told me he would get my gp to start me on the new blood thinners.

Last week I phoned his secretary as I had heard nothing , she told me she had been off and would chase it up, heard nothing today I phoned and she told me my files were still on his desk and she would chase it up .

So much for been high stroke risk .

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And we thought you had made progress! I hope you get there eventually...

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I have made some progress, I'm more aware of the impact of af ,I'm still off alcohol, watch my diet and started to lose weight, my attacks are less frequent but still as intense, I've been off work the last week with a virus so the mixture AF + VIRUS don't go together, anxiety seems to be under control as I understand more . Fustration is out of my hands .


Yes, the anxiety can die down as we gain experience and nothing really awful happens. AF does encourage a healthy lifestyle and we feel the better for it. I expect lots of us with dodgy tickers will outlive people who think they don't need to bother to look after themselves.


You must live in Canada. After deteriorating to persistent Arterial Fibrillation my GP office finally referred me to a cardiologist. That office lagged in booking an appointment so that after a 10 day wait, I called the GP office back. The next day, I finally got a date which will be 52 days into persistent afib. That's just for the cardiologist, let alone getting to see an electrophysiologist and booking for an ablation. In the meantime, I understand the afib gets worse. Is seven months a long time to wait?


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