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Is this normal

After 8 years of afI've had a pacemaker fitted and ablate, done, this was finally done after all other procedures and medication failed,

My operation was last week, but I'm getting pain in my chest, not all the time, but enough to make me sit down and wait to ease, I'd expected to feel so much better, but I'm dizzy, tired , and breathless still, has anyone had a pace and ablate, is this normal, thank-you

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Hi Donna - Sorry you are not feeling so good. I had a Pacemaker alone fitted last year and it took three weeks of doing absolutely nothing before I started to feel any improvement from the procedure and very tender. It was hard for me to realise that I was not going to feel better quickly. I know we get the leaflet to read and I don't know about you, but I was in awe of how the procedure was carried out and what had been done to my heart and what having an added extra had been placed above my heart. I tended to underestimate what had actually happened..... and you have had an ablate done as well which is an added procedure to mine. So you have had a lot done and are going to feel pretty tender right now. If you are in any doubt about how you are feeling you should have a Pacemaker clinic number to phone Donna. If I have had any concerns I have phoned and they have been very helpful and re-assuring, and approachable and if concerned told me what to do.

I found the pacemaker site was very tender the first week and not much better the second. It took me a month to even do light things. It is 10 months since my pacemaker was fitted and what has come as a surprise to me, is that you are not really warned that it may take a little while for things to settle. The pacemaker setting may be altered to find the right one for you. A few well meaning friends tell stories of how well other people they know are with pacemakers, but miss out how long it takes to heal etc. Its another journey we are on Donna. For me, I know if I had not had my Pacemaker, I would not have the marked improvement I have and probably wouldn't be here right now if I had not had a Pacemaker. I am still improving even now. Its a gradual build up to feeling better, particularly right at the beginning.

I hope this helps. We are all different with different recovery times, and I hope you start to feel much better soon. Rest is the key thing in the first two/three weeks particularly (I found I needed an afternoon rest at the start - listen to your body Donna) Sending a virtual hug.




How reassuring to read your reply, I had a pacemaker fitted on Wednesday, so at the moment feeling very tender & bruised, finding it difficult not to lift my arm above my head etc., also trying to decide if I need to change my induction hob (that I love) to a ceramic one, any advice from anyone on this, I would be grateful.

I must also praise the Bristol Heart Institute for first class care.

Very brave Donna having both done together, I'm sure things will improve with time.

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At the af group at my local hospital earlier this week a member of the group said she had had a pace and ablate in recent weeks and was feeling no better at this point. She was assured by medics that it took time to settle and not to get upset it was early days.

So sounds as though it will take time and remember your body has been through an assault in its eyes even though it's to help you long term. Check with your cardiologist via his secretary if you are worried. Don't just put up with things in silence. Be well and best wishes.

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Thank-you for your comments, I am sure that you are correct, I guess I'd hoped to feel the benefits straight away, .....stupidly,

I'm 51, but at present feel 81; I had pacemaker fitted end of November, then had adulation done 7 days ago, it's since the second part that my problems have started, but I'll see how next few days go, and if no better ull ring ,

Thank-you so much fur replies, as at times feel isolated,, and frightened,

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Know exactly how you feel Donna. Although we are out of hospital pretty quickly, once you are out we all feel we should be better because we are out..... You have friends here who understand...... keep in touch.......

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I was told by my cardiologist that one of my options was a pacemaker and ablate, which would not cure the AF but would bypass the electrical part of my heart. But after I asked him it was reversible he no it was not as they would ablate the top and bottom of the heart and I would be fully reliant on the pacemaker and wold not be able to live if it malfunctioned. I don`t think I will go down this route.


I was also told this, but all other procedures had been tried, along with every drug over 8 years,

I totally respect ur decision, but I had persistent af and was exhausted, lost my job, and had no quality of life,

I move forward in life now, hoping each day will become better, and I'll be making every day count 😂,

I am sure , as always , there will be advances in medication and this will ease people's symptoms, but for me there was no more time to wait

Wish you all the best,


Hi Donna

So sorry to hear that you are taking a time to recover but I guess having such a procedure is bound to give your heart a shock.

I to am considering having the same procedure I have had the Pacemaker fitted and am now considering the AV node ablation however I have only had one AF event since the Pacemaker was fitted last April.

I do hope that you will keep us posted as you continue with your recovery, it will help those of us facing a similar procedure to make a decision.

I wish you all the very best for a full and speedy recovery

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